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Nuna7 is a solar-powered racing car in the Nuna series built by the Dutch Nuon Solar Team. The team finished first with Nuna7 at the World Solar Challenge 2013, a race of 3000 km through the outback of Australia. The Nuon Solar Team consisted of 16 students of Delft University of Technology.


World Solar Challenge 2013 - New regulationsEdit

The 2013 regulations had some major changes. All vehicles had to be designed with four wheels, and the driver compartment had to comply with new demands on safety. All teams had to rethink the design of their cars, Nuna7 was built as an asymmetric vehicle

Specifications Nuna 7Edit

Nuna 7 at the finish of the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
Size Length: 4,5 m
Width: 1,85 m
Height: 1,12 m
Mass, without driver 190 kg
Driver Minimum 80 kg (using added weights)
Number of wheels 4
Solar Cells 391 (Monocrystalline silicon solar cells)
Motor CSIRO InWheel Direct Drive Electric engine
Battery 21 kg Lithium Ion battery
Capacity: 5,3 kWh
Body Carbon fiber (textreme) with Twaron (aramidfibre) for parts that need extra driver protection / Titanium rollbar
Front wheel suspension Leading arm suspension
Rear wheel suspension Aluminium trailing arm with metal spring+shock absorber
Front brakes Custom ceramic brakedisc / Aramid breaklines
Rear brakes Regenerative brake
Tyres (profiled tyres)
Rolling resistance 10 times less than an average car
Air resistance 12 times less than an average car. Design by R. Janssen.
Telemetry WiFi to support car

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