Nukunonu Church

The Nukunonu Church[1] is a religious building affiliated with the Catholic Church that is in the atoll of Nukunonu in Tokelau,[2][3] a dependent territory of New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean. It is the main Catholic church in Tokelau, the other being in Fakaofo atoll.

Nukunonu Church
Tokelau Nukuono Church 20070716.jpg
The arch crosses the main street of the village.
9°11′58.7″S 171°50′57.0″W / 9.199639°S 171.849167°W / -9.199639; -171.849167
Country Tokelau
 New Zealand
DenominationRoman Catholic Church

The church is under the jurisdiction of the Mission sui iuris of Tokelau (Missio sui iuris Tokelauna) and follows the Roman or Latin rite.[2] It is under the pastoral responsibility of the priest Oliver P. Aro.[4]


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