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Nugget Falls, also known as Nugget Creek Falls or Mendenhall Glacier Falls, is a waterfall downstream of the Nugget Glacier, in the U.S. state of Alaska. Formed by the creek from the Nugget Glacier, the waterfall drops 377 feet (115 m) in two tiers of 99 feet (30 m) and 278 feet (85 m) onto a sandbar in Mendenhall Lake, which is the freshwater pool at the face of the Mendenhall glacier. The lake then drains via Mendenhall River into the Inside Passage.[1] The waterfall is fed by Nugget Creek, which is in turn fed by the Nugget Glacier, a tributary glacier on the mountainside east of Auke Bay. The creek cascades down towards Mendenhall Lake, forming a hanging valley, then plunges over the falls to the lake. Prior to the recession of Mendenhall Glacier, it was said that the falls would drop "directly on the glacier",[1] or that the "glacier covered the waterfall".[2]

Nugget Falls
Nugget Falls near Mendenhall Glacier, Aug 2016.jpg
LocationEast of Mendenhall Glacier, Auke Bay, Alaska
Coordinates58°25′38″N 134°32′12″W / 58.4272°N 134.5367°W / 58.4272; -134.5367Coordinates: 58°25′38″N 134°32′12″W / 58.4272°N 134.5367°W / 58.4272; -134.5367
TypeCascade and Fan
Total height377 feet (115 m)
Number of drops2
Longest drop278 feet (85 m)
Total width100 feet (30 m)
WatercourseNugget Creek
flow rate


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