Nude with Violin (film)

Nude with Violin is a 1964 television play broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation based on the play Nude with Violin by Noël Coward. It was directed by Christopher Muir.[4][5]

Nude with Violin
Nude with violin 8 Apr 1964, Page 14 - The Age at Newspapers com.png
Poster in the Age 8 Apr 1964
Based onplay Nude with Violin by Noël Coward
Written byLaurence Collinson
Directed byChristopher Muir
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
ProducerChristopher Muir
Running time75 mins[1]
Production companyAustralian Broadcasting Commission
Original networkABC
Original release8 April 1964 (Melbourne)[2]
15 July 1964 (Sydney)[3]


In Paris in 1856 a famous artist, Paul Sorodin, has died. His estranged wife and children arrive from London for his funeral. Accompanied by Sordin's manager, they arrive to discover the apartment is occupied by Sordin's valet. Questions arise as to the authencity of Sorodin's pictures.


  • Terry Norris as Sebastien Lacreole
  • Gerda Nicolson as Jane Sorodin
  • Julia Blake as Pamela
  • Alex Varadi as Jacob Friedland
  • Roma Johnstone as Anya Pavalikov
  • Barbara Brandon as Isobel Sorodin
  • Brian Hansford as Obadiah Lelwellyn
  • Terence Donovan as Clinton Preminger
  • Follie Settees as Cherry May
  • Karl Lukk as Fabrice
  • Nick Sofokles as Lauderdale


It was one of 20 TV plays produced by the ABC in 1964.[6] Terry Norris played the role performed on stage in England by John Gielgud and Robert Helpmann in Australia.[7]

It was designed by Alan Clarke.[1]


The Sydney Morning Heraldsaid the production "could do no more than echo the play's half-hearted efforts... the cast that took part looked uconvinced with the desperately contrived situations."[8]


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