Novinskiy Boulevard

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Novinskiy Boulevard is a street in Presnenskiy and Arbat districts of Moscow.[1] On June 3rd, 2020, 2 men from the Russian city of Barnaul, staged a picket in support of the George Floyd Protests, outside of the U.S Embassy building. They were briefly detained for violating a legislation installed in 2014 against unauthorized protests and pickets.[1]

Novinskiy Boulevard
Новинский бульвар (сентябрь 2016).jpg
Native nameНовинский бульвар (Russian)
LocationMoscow, Russia
Central Administrative Okrug
Nearest metro station#4 Filyovskaya line Smolenskaya
#3 Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya line Smolenskaya
#7 Tagansko–Krasnopresnenskaya line Barrikadnaya
#5 Koltsevaya line Krasnopresnenskaya



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Coordinates: 55°45′17″N 37°35′00″E / 55.7547°N 37.5833°E / 55.7547; 37.5833