Nova Gente is a Portuguese language weekly celebrity and society magazine published in Queluz, Lisbon, Portugal.

Nova Gente
CategoriesCelebrity magazine
Society magazine
Circulation101,175 (September–October 2013)
Year founded1976; 46 years ago (1976)
Based inLisbon
WebsiteNova Gente

History and profileEdit

Nova Gente was established in 1976.[1][2] The magazine is the successor of Flama, another magazine.[3] Nova Gente is part of the Impala Group, which also owns Maria, a women's magazine.[4][5] The company also publishes Nova Gente on a weekly basis.[3][1][4] Its headquarters is in Queluz, Lisbon.[6]

The magazine is a tabloid publication[7] and offers society/celebrity-related content for adult women.[3]

Humberto Simões is one of the former editors-in-chief of Nova Gente.[8]


Nova Gente sold 185,000 copies between January and September 2000.[9] In 2003 the circulation of the magazine was about 200,000 copies.[6]

Its circulation was 144,000 copies in 2007, making it the best-selling magazine in its category in Portugal.[10] The weekly sold 127,728 copies in 2010 and 121,231 copies in 2011.[11] The circulation of the magazine was 112,753 copies in 2012.[11] Between September and October 2013 it was 101,175 copies.[4]

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