Nova Gajdobra

Nova Gajdobra (Serbian Cyrillic: Нова Гајдобра) is a village located in the Bačka Palanka municipality, in the South Bačka District of Serbia. It is situated in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina at 45.20° North, 19.27° East. The population of the village numbering 1,409 people (2002 census), of whom 1,354 are ethnic Serbs.

Nova Gajdobra
Нова Гајдобра (Serbian)
Nova Gajdobra is located in Vojvodina
Nova Gajdobra
Nova Gajdobra
Nova Gajdobra is located in Serbia
Nova Gajdobra
Nova Gajdobra
Nova Gajdobra is located in Europe
Nova Gajdobra
Nova Gajdobra
Coordinates: 45°20′N 19°26′E / 45.333°N 19.433°E / 45.333; 19.433
Country Serbia
Province Vojvodina
RegionBačka (Podunavlje)
DistrictSouth Bačka
MunicipalityBačka Palanka
 • Total1,409
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)


Map of the Bačka Palanka municipality, showing the location of Nova Gajdobra

In 1327 village Kereky (Serbian: Kerekić or Керекић) was established between Palanka and Gajdobra. The next time village was mentioned was in 1512. During the Ottoman rule (16th–17th century), two villages existed at this location: Kerekić (Керекић) and Metković (Метковић). Both villages were populated by ethnic Serbs. Hungarians called them Metkovics and Kerekity, which were modified versions of the Serbian names.

In 1650, Kerekić was uninhabited, but 38 years later Serbs again settled there. Today Kerekić is a name of the farm near Nova Gajdobra. In the 19th century Germans rebuilt it and lived here together with Serbs and Hungarians. It was a part of Habsburg Empire until 1918, when it became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. In 1922, it officially changed its name to Nova Gajdobra.

Today, people of Nova Gajdobra work in agriculture. Kids go to Primary school Aleksa Šantić, named by famous Serb poet. There are many cultural manifestations in Nova Gajdobra.

Historical populationEdit

  • 1961: 1,623
  • 1971: 1,433
  • 1981: 1,331
  • 1991: 1,372

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Coordinates: 45°20′N 19°26′E / 45.333°N 19.433°E / 45.333; 19.433