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Nottingham Cricket Club was an English cricket club which played in Nottingham during the 18th and 19th centuries. Matches have been recorded between 1771 to 1848 and the team played in 15 first-class matches between 1826 and 1848.

The earliest reference to cricket in the county of Nottinghamshire is a match between Nottingham and Sheffield Cricket Club at the Forest Racecourse in Nottingham in August 1771. In many sources, the Nottingham team is called the "Nottingham Old Club" or as the "town club" to distinguish it from Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club, which began playing in the 1840s. Nottinghamshire as a county team played its first inter-county match versus Sussex at Brown's Ground in Brighton in August 1835,[1] with early matches probably being organised by the town club.[citation needed]

There is still a Nottingham Cricket Club, known as Nottinghamians which is part of the rugby union club of that name.

First-class matches played by Nottingham Cricket ClubEdit

Nottingham played 15 first-class matches between July 1826 and August 1848. Their first first-class opponents were a Sheffield and Leicester side. Their opponents were most frequently Sheffield, with 12 of the 15 matches against this side. The team also played two matches against the Cambridge Town Club.[2]

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