Notodden Old Station

Notodden Old Station (Norwegian: Notodden gamle stasjon) was the railway station serving Notodden, Norway, from 1909 to 1919. The station was designed by Thorvald Astrup as the terminal station of Tinnoset Line. When Notodden was connected with the Bratsberg Line in 1919, Notodden New Station was built, and the old station fell into disuse. Today the station is used as a business park.

Notodden Old
Notodden Station 1911.jpg
The station in 1911
LocationNotodden, Notodden
Coordinates59°33′26″N 9°15′53″E / 59.55722°N 9.26472°E / 59.55722; 9.26472Coordinates: 59°33′26″N 9°15′53″E / 59.55722°N 9.26472°E / 59.55722; 9.26472
Elevation31.0 m (101.7 ft)
Owned byNorsk Transport
Operated byNorsk Transport
Line(s)Tinnoset Line
Distance145.72 km (90.55 mi)
ArchitectThorvald Astrup
Opened9 August 1909