Nosso Lar: Life in the Spirit World (Portuguese: Nosso Lar), also known as Astral City, is a novel by the Brazilian spiritist medium Francisco Cândido Xavier. First published in 1944,[1] it tells the story of André Luiz, a prominent doctor who lived in the city of Rio de Janeiro. After dying, André Luiz finds himself neither in Heaven nor Hell, depicted in the teachings he had received during his Catholic upbringing, but rather in the so-called umbral, a region where less-than-perfect souls face the consequences of their infelicitous actions while alive. After a while, He is able to perceive the presence of Clarêncio, a friendly spirit who had been trying to help him all along during his time in umbral. Clarêncio then takes him to Nosso Lar, a spirit colony, or astral city, where André becomes acquainted with the intricacies of afterlife and reincarnation.

Nosso Lar: Life in the Spirit World
Nosso Lar Book Cover.jpg
First edition
AuthorsAndré Luiz; Chico Xavier
Original titleNosso Lar
TranslatorDarrel W. Kimble
Marcia M. Saiz
SeriesLife in the Spirit World
Published1944 (Brazil: Portuguese)
PublisherLivraria Editora da Federacao
Followed byThe Messengers 


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