Norton Peak

Norton Peak, at 10,336 feet (3,150 m) above sea level is the third highest peak in the Smoky Mountains of Idaho. The peak is in Blaine County and Sawtooth National Recreation Area about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) northeast of the Camas County border. It is the 331st highest peak in Idaho. Miner Lake is on the west side of the peak, and Upper and Lower Norton lakes are south of the peak.[3][4][5]

Norton Peak
Norton Peak is located in Idaho
Norton Peak
Norton Peak
Highest point
Elevation10,336 ft (3,150 m) [1]
Prominence1,256 ft (383 m) [1]
Coordinates43°45′43″N 114°39′11″W / 43.7618491°N 114.6531179°W / 43.7618491; -114.6531179Coordinates: 43°45′43″N 114°39′11″W / 43.7618491°N 114.6531179°W / 43.7618491; -114.6531179[2]
LocationBlaine County, Idaho, U.S.
Parent rangeSmoky Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Galena
Easiest routeSimple scramble, class 2


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