Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park

The Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park (French: Parc naturel régional des Vosges du Nord) is a protected area of woodland, wetland, farmland and historical sites in the region Grand Est in northeastern France. The area was officially designated as a regional natural park in 1976.[2]

Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Étang du Loeschersbach 01 21-07-2016.jpg
Pond between Lambach and Lemberg
LocationBas-Rhin (Alsace)
Moselle (Lorraine), Grand Est, France
Coordinates49°00′18″N 7°29′24″E / 49.005°N 7.49°E / 49.005; 7.49Coordinates: 49°00′18″N 7°29′24″E / 49.005°N 7.49°E / 49.005; 7.49[1]
Area1,305 km2 (504 sq mi)
Governing bodyFédération des parcs naturels régionaux de France

At its inauguration, the park covered a total area of 120,000 hectares (300,000 acres),[2] but it has since grown to 130,500 hectares (322,000 acres).[3]

The rich natural landscape has been added to the UNESCO list of international biosphere reserves.[4]

Northern Vosges PNR does not include any of the Vosges Mountains but rather the foothills just north of them. No part of it lies in the department of Vosges but rather it spans two other departments, Bas-Rhin and Moselle.


Member communesEdit

The following communes are members of Northern Vosges PNR:[5]

In Bas-Rhin:

In Moselle:

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