Northern Life (TV program)

Northern Life was a regional news programme on Tyne Tees Television, which aired from 6 September 1976 to 2 October 1992. The programme was aired at 6pm on weekday evenings, for some years at 6.25pm, and ran for 30, 35 or 60 minutes at various points in its run.

Northern Life
Northern Life.jpg
GenreRegional News
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Country of originUnited Kingdom
Producer(s)Tyne Tees Television
Running time30, 35 or 60 minutes
Original networkTyne Tees Television (ITV North East region)
Original release6 September 1976 (1976-09-06) –
2 October 1992 (1992-10-02)
Related showsNorth East Tonight

The programme was the successor to Today at Six, and was replaced by Tyne Tees Today in 1992 following the takeover by Yorkshire Television. The programme had a light-hearted approach and was notable for Paul Frost's monologues towards the end of many editions.

Northern Life ENG cameraman on the banks of the River Wear (1984)

For much of its run, Northern Life had a sub-regional news service integrated into the second part of the programme, with the south of the Tyne Tees region served by the Middlesbrough studio, anchored by Teesside-based news reporters such as Andy Kluz.

Middlesbrough Newsroom (1984)

Presenters of the show included Bill Steel (the original anchor), Tom Coyne, Paul Frost, Jane Wyatt, Pam Royle, Eileen McCabe, Stuart McNeil and Sheila Matheson.

TTTV ENG crews often travelled into YTV territory. This news unit was spotted at Imphal Barracks, York (September 1984)