North Wales Coast West Football League

The North Wales Coast West Football League is a football league in Wales, at tiers 4 and 5 of the Welsh football league system in North Wales, founded in 2020. The league is under the control of the North Wales Coast Football Association. The league replaced the former Gwynedd League and Anglesey Leagues, and covers the North West of Wales. A corresponding North Wales Coast East Football League will be also be established at the same time.

North Wales Coast West Football League
Country Wales
Number of teams34
Level on pyramid4 & 5
Promotion toArdal Leagues
Domestic cup(s)Intermediate Challenge Cup (Premier)
Junior Challenge Cup (First)

League HistoryEdit

Plans for the new league were discussed in March 2020. There will be two tiers - the Premier Division – with no more than 16 clubs will be at tier 4, with Division One – with no more than 16 clubs at tier 5.[1]

Member clubs for 2020–21 seasonEdit

Premier LeagueEdit

Division OneEdit

Premier League ChampionsEdit


  • 2020-21:

Division One ChampionsEdit


  • 2020-21:


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