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North Dakota Highway 32

North Dakota Highway 32 (ND 32) is a north–south highway located that traverses portions of nine counties in eastern North Dakota. The 236.674-mile-long (380.890 km) highway is one of several north–south routes in the state that connects the Canadian border to the state's southern border with South Dakota.[2]

North Dakota Highway 32 marker

North Dakota Highway 32
Route information
Maintained by NDDOT
Length236.674 mi[1] (380.890 km)
Major junctions
South end SD 27 at South Dakota state line near Havana
North end PTH 32 at the Canadian border north of Walhalla
CountiesSargent, Ransom, Barnes, Steele, Griggs, Nelson, Grand Forks, Walsh, Pembina
Highway system
  • North Dakota State Highways
ND 31ND 34

Route descriptionEdit

ND 32 begins at the South Dakota state line near Havana, where going south, it continues as South Dakota Highway 27.[3] After the first 10 miles (16 km), it arrives in Forman, the county seat of Sargent. Continuing north, it enters Ransom County. A brief concurrency with ND 46 at the Ransom-Barnes-Cass County tri-point, turning west following the Ransom/Barnes County line, ND 32 finally enters Barnes County. It mainly traverses rural areas of eastern Barnes County, including an intersection with I-94/US 52 at its exit 302 interchange.[4][2]

About 42 miles (68 km) north of the I-94 interchange, ND 32 finally reaches Finley, the Steele County seat. In the Sharon area, it straddles the Steele/Griggs County line in its run between the ND 45 junction and the Nelson County line near Aneta.[5]

In Nelson County, ND 32 continues north to Petersburg, where it begins a short concurrency with US 2 which lasts until reaching Niagara, just inside Grand Forks County. It traverses mainly rural areas of northwestern Grand Forks, central Walsh, and western Pembina Counties. In Pembina County, it has brief concurrencies with North Dakota Highways 66 and 5. Walhalla is the last town or community that ND 32 goes through before reaching the Canadian border. ND 32 ends at the Canadian border.[6] At the Walhalla-Winkler Border Crossing, upon entry into southern Manitoba, the road becomes Manitoba Highway 32 (PTH 32), continuing in a northerly direction to Winkler.[7][8][9][10]

Points of interest along the routeEdit

Major intersectionsEdit

SargentHavana0.0000.000  SD 27 south – BrittonND 32’s southern terminus at the South Dakota state line
Forman  ND 11 east – Lidgerwood, HankinsonBegin concurrency with ND 11
  ND 11 west – Cogswell, OakesEnd concurrency with ND 11
Gwinner  ND 13 east – MilnorBegin concurrency with ND 13
   ND 13 west to ND 1End concurrency with ND 13
RansomLisbon  ND 27
  ND 46 east – Enderlin, KindredBegin concurrency with ND 46 and the Ransom/Barnes County line
county line
   ND 46 west to US 281End concurrency with ND 46 at the Ransom/Barnes County line
BarnesOriska   I-94 / US 52 – Fargo, Valley CityI-94 Exit 302
Pillsbury  ND 26 west – Sibley, DazeyEastern terminus of ND 26
Steele  ND 38 south – HopeNorthern terminus of ND 38
  ND 200 west – CooperstownBegin concurrency with ND 200
Finley  ND 200 east – MayvilleEnd concurrency with ND 200
county line
  ND 45 south – CooperstownEastern terminus of ND 45; ND 32 follows Steele/Griggs county line northward from here
Nelson  ND 15 – Northwood, McVille
Petersburg  US 2 west – Devils LakeBegin concurrency with US 2
Grand ForksNiagara  US 2 east – Grand ForksEnd concurrency with US 2
Walsh  ND 17 – Park River, Adams
PembinaGardar  ND 66 east – Crystal, St. ThomasBegin concurrency with ND 66
  ND 66 west – MiltonEnd concurrency with ND 66
  ND 5 east – CavalierBegin concurrency with ND 5
Concrete  ND 89 south – Cavalier Air Force StationNorthern terminus of ND 89
  ND 5 west – LangdonEnd concurrency with ND 5
US-Canada border236.674380.890  PTH 32 north – WinklerNorthern terminus at the international border [9]
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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