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The North Dakota Army National Guard (ND ARNG) is headquartered at the Fraine Barracks in Bismarck, North Dakota, and consists of the 68th Troop Command, headquartered in Bismarck, and the 141st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota. Their main installation and armory is at Camp Grafton.

North Dakota National Guard
CountryUnited States
BranchUnited States Army National Guard
Garrison/HQFraine Barracks, Bismarck, ND
Motto(s)“Strength from the soil”
ColorsOr, Azure, Argent (Gold, Blue, Silver)
MG Alan S. Dohrmann

In 1883, Company A, First Regiment, Dakota National Guard, is organized at Bismarck, Dakota Territory.[1] In 1889, North Dakota became the Union's thirty-ninth state. The North Dakota National Guard was organized, comprising six infantry companies, two cavalry troops, and one artillery battery. Eight infantry companies of the First North Dakota Regiment were mobilized for the Spanish–American War and the Philippine–American War in 1898. The Regiment earns thirty-nine silver battle rings for its guidon and ten members of the First North Dakota Infantry Volunteers are awarded the Medal of Honor.

North Dakota Army National Guard shoulder sleeve insignia based on the crest of the Coat of arms of North Dakota
Seal of the Army National Guard


Current configurationEdit

  • 818th Engineer Company (-) (Sapper)-Williston
  • 816th Military Police Company-Dickinson
  • 1/816th Military Police Company-Bismarck
  • 1/132nd Quartermaster Detachment-Bottineau
  • 164th Engineer Battalion Headquarters-Minot
  • Joint Force Headquarters-Bismarck
  • 68th Troop Command-Bismarck
  • Detachment 42, Organizational Support Airlift-Bismarck
  • 81st Civil Support Team-Bismarck
  • ARNG Medical Detachment-Bismarck
  • Recruiting & Retention Battalion-Bismarck
  • 116th Public Affairs Detachment-Bismarck
  • 3662nd Component Repair Company Maintenance Company-Bismarck
  • 1st Security & Support Battalion, 112th Aviation Regiment-Bismarck
  • Unknown Company, 2nd Battalion, 285th Aviation Regiment-Bismarck
  • 2-832nd Medical Company-Bismarck
  • A/1-188th Air Defense Artillery-Bismarck
  • 814th Medical Detachment-Bismarck
  • 957th Multi Role Bridge Engineer Company-Bismarck
  • 2/191st Military Police Company- Bismarck
  • 1919th Contract Team-Bismarck
  • 3/819th JAG Team-Bismarck
  • 2/132nd Quartermaster Detachment-Rugby
  • Camp Gilbert C. Grafton-Devils Lake
    • 164th Regional Training Institute
    • 136th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion Headquarters
    • 3662nd Maintenance Company
  • 835th Engineer Team (Asphalt)-Carrington
  • 897th Engineer Team (Concrete)-Carrington
  • 817th Engineer Company (Sapper)-Jamestown
  • 3/815th Engineer Company (Horizontal)-Jamestown
  • 815th Engineer Company (Horizontal)-Edgeley
  • 1/815th Engineer Company (Horizontal)-Wishek
  • 2/815th Engineer Company (Horizontal)-Lisbon
  • 188th Engineer Company (Vertical)-Wahpeton
  • 141st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade-Fargo
  • C/1-188th Air Defense Artillery-Fargo
  • 188th Army Band-Fargo
  • 191st Military Police Company-Fargo
  • 231st Distribution Company-Fargo
  • 231st Support Maintenance Company-Fargo
  • 426th Signal Company-Fargo
  • 231st Brigade Support Battalion-Valley City
  • 1/231st Distribution Company-Valley City
  • 1/231st Support Maintenance Company-Valley City
  • 1/191st Military Police Company-Grand Forks
  • 132nd Quartermaster Company-Grand Forks
  • 1st Battalion, 188th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (Headquarters & Headquarters Battery)-Grand Forks[2]
  • B/1-188th Air Defense Artillery-Grand Forks
  • 133rd Quartermaster Detachment-Grafton
  • 134th Quartermaster Detachment-Cavalier
  • 3/132nd Quartermaster Detachment-Cando



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