Norra begravningsplatsen

Norra begravningsplatsen, literally "The Northern Cemetery" in Swedish, is a major cemetery of the Stockholm urban area, located in Solna Municipality. Inaugurated on 9 June 1827, it is the burial site for a number of Swedish notables.

Norra begravningsplatsen
Norra krematoriet 2009.jpg
Northern Chapel at Norra begravningsplatsen.
Established9 June 1827[1]
Coordinates59°21′24″N 18°1′9″E / 59.35667°N 18.01917°E / 59.35667; 18.01917Coordinates: 59°21′24″N 18°1′9″E / 59.35667°N 18.01917°E / 59.35667; 18.01917
Size62 hectare[1]
No. of graves33,000[1]
Tomb of Alfred Nobel
Prince Oscar Bernadotte's family tomb, where also Folke Bernadotte is interred.

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