Norgran Records

Norgran Records was an American jazz record label in Los Angeles founded by Norman Granz in 1953.[1][2] It became part of Verve Records, which Granz created in 1956.[3] It is the first letters of Granz's full name.

Norgran Records
Founded1953 (1953)
FounderNorman Granz
Country of originU.S.


10 inch LP seriesEdit

Catalog No. Artist Album Notes
MGN 1 Johnny Hodges Swing with Johnny Hodges
MGN 2 Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Getz The Dizzy Gillespie-Stan Getz Sextet
MGN 3 Buddy DeFranco The Music of Buddy DeFranco
MGN 4 Al Hibbler Al Hibbler Favorites
MGN 5 Lester Young Lester Young with the Oscar Peterson Trio #2
MGN 6 Lester Young Lester Young with the Oscar Peterson Trio #1
MGN 7 Louis Bellson The Amazing Artistry of Louis Bellson
MGN 8 Charlie Ventura The Charlie Ventura Quartet
MGN 9 Chico O'Farrill The Second Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite
MGN 10 Benny Carter The Urbane Mr. Carter
MGN 11 Bernard Peiffer Bernard Peiffer et Son Trio
MGN 12 Don Byas Don Byas et Ses Rythmes
MGN 13 Slim Gaillard Slim Gaillard and His Musical Aggregation
MGN 14 Louis Bellson The Exciting Mr. Bellson and His Big Band
MGN 15 Al Hibbler Al Hibbler Sings Duke Ellington
MGN 16 Buddy DeFranco Pretty Moods by Buddy DeFranco
MGN 18 Dizzy Gillespie More of the Dizzy Gillespie-Stan Getz Sextet #2
MGN 19 Tal Farlow The Tal Farlow Album
MGN 20 Charlie Ventura and Mary Ann McCall An Evening with Charlie Ventura with Mary Ann McCall
MGN 21 Benny Carter The Formidable Benny Carter
MGN 22 Toshiko Akiyoshi Toshiko's Piano
MGN 23 Bud Powell The Artistry of Bud Powell
MGN 24 George Wallington The Workshop of the George Wallington Trio
MGN 25 The Six The Six
MGN 26 Buddy Rich The Swinging Buddy Rich
MGN 27 Chico O'Farrill Mambo Dance Session
MGN 28 Chico O'Farrill Latino Dance Session
MGN 29 Kenny Drew The Ideation of Kenny Drew
MGN 30 Anita O'Day Songs by Anita O'Day
MGN 31 Chico O'Farrill Chico O'Farrill
MGN 32 Jack Costanzo Afro-Cubano Jazz

12 inch LP seriesEdit

Catalog No. Artist Album Notes
MGN 1000 Stan Getz Interpretations by the Stan Getz Quintet
MGN 1001 Ben Webster The Consummate Artistry of Ben Webster
MGN 1002 Kenny Drew Kenny Drew and His Progressive Piano
MGN 1003 Dizzy Gillespie Afro
MGN 1004 Johnny Hodges Memories of Ellington
MGN 1005 Lester Young The President
MGN 1006 Buddy DeFranco The Progressive Mr. DeFranco
MGN 1007 Louis Bellson Journey Into Love
MGN 1008 Stan Getz Interpretations by the Stan Getz Quintet #2
MGN 1009 Johnny Hodges More of Johnny Hodges
MGN 1010 George Wallington George Wallington with Strings
MGN 1011 Louis Bellson Louis Bellson Quintet
MGN 1012 Buddy DeFranco Buddy DeFranco and His Clarinet
MGN 1013 Charlie Ventura and Mary Ann McCall Another Evening with Charlie Ventura and Mary Ann McCall
MGN 1014 Tal Farlow Autumn in New York
MGN 1015 Benny Carter Benny Carter Plays Pretty
MGN 1016 Buddy DeFranco and Oscar Peterson Buddy DeFranco and Oscar Peterson Play George Gershwin
MGN 1017 Bud Powell Jazz Original
MGN 1018 Ben Webster Music for Loving
MGN 1019 Teddy Wilson The Creative Teddy Wilson
MGN 1020 Louis Bellson The Driving Louis Bellson
MGN 1021 Various Artists Our Best
MGN 1022 Lester Young It Don't Mean a Thing
MGN 1023 Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy and Strings
MGN 1024 Johnny Hodges Dance Bash
MGN 1025 Benny Carter (not released)
MGN 1026 Buddy DeFranco Buddy DeFranco Quartet Reissued as Mr. Clarinet with one additional track
MGN 1027 Tal Farlow The Interpretations of Tal Farlow
MGN 1028 Ralph Burns Ralph Burns Among the JATP's
MGN 1029 Stan Getz Interpretations by the Stan Getz Quintet #3
MGN 1030 Tal Farlow A Recital by Tal Farlow
MGN 1031 Buddy Rich Sing and Swing with Buddy Rich
MGN 1032 Stan Getz West Coast Jazz
MGN 1033 Various Artists Swing Guitars
MGN 1034 Various Artists Tenor Saxes
MGN 1035 Various Artists Alto Saxes
MGN 1036 Various Artists Piano Interpretations
MGN 1037 Lionel Hampton and Stan Getz Hamp and Getz
MGN 1038 Buddy Rich and Harry Edison Buddy and Sweets
MGN 1039 Ben Webster Music with Feeling
MGN 1040 John Lewis The Modern Jazz Society Presents a Concert of Contemporary Music
MGN 1041 Charlie Ventura Charlie Ventura's Carnegie Hall Concert
MGN 1042 Stan Getz Stan Getz Plays Reissue of Clef Records MGC 137 with additional selections from MGC 143
MGN 1043 Lester Young and Harry Edison Pres and Sweets
MGN 1044 Benny Carter New Jazz Sounds
MGN 1045 Johnny Hodges Creamy
MGN 1046 Louis Bellson Skin Deep
MGN 1047 Tal Farlow The Tal Farlow Album
MGN 1048 Johnny Hodges Castle Rock
MGN 1049 Anita O'Day Anita O'Day Sings Jazz
MGN 1050 Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Getz Diz and Getz
MGN 1051 Teddy Wilson Intimate Listening (not released)
MGN 1052 Buddy Rich The Swinging Buddy Rich
MGN 1053 Mary Ann McCall and Charlie Ventura An Evening with Mary Ann McCall and Charlie Ventura
MGN 1054 Lester Young and Oscar Peterson The Pres-ident Plays with the Oscar Peterson Trio
MGN 1055 Johnny Hodges Ellingtonia '56
MGN 1056 Lester Young The Jazz Giants '56
MGN 1057 Anita O'Day An Evening with Anita O'Day
MGN 1058 Benny Carter and His Strings with the Oscar Peterson Quartet Alone Together Reissue of MGN 21 with additional tracks
MGN 1059 Johnny Hodges In a Tender Mood
MGN 1060 Johnny Hodges Used to Be Duke
MGN 1061 Johnny Hodges The Blues
MGN 1062 Bill Harris The Bill Harris Herd
MGN 1063 Bud Powell Jazz Giant
MGN 1064 Bud Powell Bud Powell's Moods
MGN 1065 The Six / Sonny Criss / Tommy Turk An Evening of Jazz
MGN 1066 Kenny Drew The Modernity of Kenny Drew Reissue of MGN 1002
MGN 1067 Jack Costanzo / Andre's All Stars Afro-Cubano split album
MGN 1068 Buddy DeFranco Jazz Tones
MGN 1069 Buddy DeFranco Mr. Clarinet Reissue of MGN 1026
MGN 1070 Benny Carter Cosmopolite
MGN 1071 Lester Young Lester's Here
MGN 1072 Lester Young Pres
MGN 1073 Charlie Ventura In a Jazz Mood
MGN 1074 Lester Young and Buddy Rich The Lester Young Buddy Rich Trio
MGN 1075 Charlie Ventura Blue Saxophone
MGN 1076 Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Stitt, John Lewis, Percy Heath, Skeeter Best & Charlie Persip The Modern Jazz Sextet
MGN 1077 Bud Powell Piano Interpretations by Bud Powell
MGN 1078 Buddy Rich The Wailing Buddy Rich
MGN 1079 Buddy DeFranco In a Mellow Mood
MGN 1080 Lionel Hampton Lionel Hampton's Jazz Giants
MGN 1081 Herb Ellis Ellis in Wonderland
MGN 1082 Billy Bauer Billy Bauer Plectrist
MGN 1083 Dizzy Gillespie Jazz Recital
MGN 1084 Dizzy Gillespie World Statesman
MGN 1085 Buddy DeFranco The Buddy DeFranco Wailers
MGN 1086 Buddy Rich This One's for Basie
MGN 1087 Stan Getz Stan Getz '56 (not released?)
MGN 1088 Stan Getz More West Coast Jazz with Stan Getz
MGN 1089 Ben Webster King of the Tenors Reissue of MGN 1001
MGN 1090 Dizzy Gillespie Diz Big Band Reissue of MGN 1023
MGN 1091 Johnny Hodges Perdido Reissue of MGN 1024
MGN 1092 Johnny Hodges In a Mellow Tone Reissue of MGN 1004
MGN 1093 Lester Young Lester Swings Again Reissue of MGN 1005
MGN 1094 Buddy DeFranco Odalisque Reissue of MGN 1006
MGN 1095 Louis Bellson Concerto for Drums Reissue of MGN 1011 - not released
MGN 1096 Buddy DeFranco Autumn Leaves Reissue of MGN 1012
MGN 1097 Tal Farlow The Guitar Artistry Of Tal Farlow - Autumn in New York Reissue of MGN 1014
MGN 1098 Bud Powell Bud Powell '57 Reissue of MGN 1017
MGN 1099 Louis Bellson The Hawk Talks Reissue of MGN 1020
MGN 1100 Lester Young It Don't Mean a Thing Reissue of MGN 1022
MGN 1101 Tal Farlow Fascinating Rhythm Reissue of MGN 1027
MGN 1102 Tal Farlow Tal
MGN 1103 Charlie Ventura Charley's Parley
MGN 1104 Buddy DeFranco Broadway Showcase (not released)
MGN 1105 Ray Brown Bass Hit! (not released)
MGN 1106 Howard Roberts Mr. Roberts Plays Guitar (not released)
MGN 2000-2 Stan Getz Stan Getz at The Shrine 2LP set
MGN 3501-2 Various Artists Norman Granz Jazz Concert 2LP Set



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