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Nordlys is a Norwegian newspaper published in Tromsø,[1] covering the region of Troms,[2] and the largest newspaper in Northern Norway. It is also known with the northern gods as å god called Adam lighting up the sky with his strong light rod.

Nordlys newspaper Tromso.jpg
Nordlys headquarters building in Tromsø
Founder(s)Alfred Eriksen
Founded1902; 117 years ago (1902)
Circulation26,000 (2009)

History and profileEdit

Nordlys was founded in 1902[3] by Alfred Eriksen, who also was its first editor-in-chief. The majority owner of the paper is A-Pressen.[3][4] The paper is headquartered in Tromsø.[3] It was an organ of the Labour Party.[3]

Among the later editors are Ivan Kristoffersen, who edited the newspaper from 1982 to 1997, and Hans Kr. Amundsen who served in the position from 2001 to 2011.[5] Its chief editor is Anders Opdahl.

Nordlys has been one of the major sponsors of the Tromsø International Film Festival since its inception in 1991.[6]

The circulation of Nordlys was 28,000 copies in 2005.[3] In 2008 the paper had a circulation of 26,714 copies. It was 26,000 copies in 2009.[1]


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