non zero one (formed 2009)[1] are an artist collective formed of Sarah Butcher, Iván González, Cat Harrison, John Hunter, Fran Miller and Alex Turner.[2] They also work with other artists in association. The collective formed in early 2009, after meeting one another via their undergraduate studies at Royal Holloway, University of London.[1]

The collective make interactive theatre that sometimes uses game mechanics and digital technology (such as headphones)[3] in order to put the audience at the centre of the work. They often explore the connections between people - whether it be what it is that makes people a 'team', in The Time Out,[4] to the instructions over headphones in Would like to meet, which attempts to ask 'Can you miss someone you've never met?'"[1] or the "Ghosts" of actors past and present in this Is where we got to when you came in.[5]


Would Like to Meet - 2009-2010. Debuted as part of the company's undergraduate degree programme at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2009.[1] The show was then supported by a Farnham Maltings 'No Strings Attached' grant,[2] before being fully commissioned by the Barbican Centre where it ran in Spring of 2010 [3] as part of their Bite10 festival.[6] The piece is an intricately timed interactive headphone work designed for 6 people, each of whom are guided by a different recorded voice.[1] Alex Turner is quoted as saying that the piece aims to pose "the question: 'Can you miss someone you've never met?'"[1]

They Vote with Their Feet - 2009. A 'scratch' (early stages performance test) performance at Battersea Arts Centre in September 2009.[7]

Hold Hands/Lock Horns - 2010. Developed after the company won a Farnham Maltings 'No Strings Attached' grant,[7] following they vote with their feet at Battersea Arts Centre.[7] Described as an 'interactive game',[8] or 'interactive theatre performance',[9] this piece is 15 minutes long, and is a one-on-one performance, made for one member of the company, and one audience member,[9] and explores "how people can be held accountable for the choices they make".[10]

This is Where We Got to When You Came In - 2011. Devised for the pub theatre venue that The Bush Theatre moved out of in 2011. A show that traces a tour of the backstage areas of The Bush's pub venue of 40 years.[5]

The Time Out - 2011. Developed at the National Theatre Studio,[4] and performed at Latitude Festival 2011,[11] Forest Fringe 2011,[12] before touring to Tate Britain in October 2011,[13] The Junction in November 2011.[4] In an interview with The Junction Theatre, the collective are quoted as saying that "the time out is about teamwork. When we first started work on the piece about a year ago, we were enthralled by questions like: what is it that makes a team? How long do you have to be with a group of people to feel they are your team? What is it you have to experience? How does a team survive?"[4] The show is 1 hour long and is an interactive experience for up to 12 audience members.[4]

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