Non-Violence (sculpture)

Non-Violence, also known as The Knotted Gun, is a bronze sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd of an oversized Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver with its muzzle tied in a knot.

The Knotted Gun
Non-Violence sculpture in front of UN headquarters NY.JPG
The sculpture at the United Nations headquarters in New York City
ArtistCarl Fredrik Reuterswärd
Completion date1985


Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd made this sculpture after the murder of John Lennon.[1] One copy was originally located at the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park. In 1988, Luxembourg donated it to the United Nations, and the sculpture was moved right outside of the headquarters of the UN.[2][3]

Since 1993, the sculpture has been the symbol of The Non-Violence Project (NVPF), a nonprofit organization that promotes social change through violence-prevention education programs.

In 2011, Ringo Starr unveiled his own brightly colored version of The Knotted Gun that he created.[4]

For the 30th anniversary of the sculpture, the NVPF and the art dealer Hansen Fine Art launched a foot-long version of the sculpture sold online.[5] The United Nations Postal Administration issued three stamps depicting the sculpture.[6] In 2019, the NVPF worked with the Dalai Lama to make 150 small-scale Non-Violence sculptures from melted confiscated guns (Humanium Metal), including one copy signed by the Dalai Lama and auctioned at Sotheby's.[7]


Non-Violence, or The Knotted Gun, is a bronze sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd of an oversized Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver with its muzzle tied in a knot. According to Kofi Annan, "it has enriched the consciousness of humanity with a powerful symbol that encapsulates, in a few simple curves, the greatest prayer of man; that which asks not for victory, but for peace."[3]»

The Museum of Sketches for Public Art in Lund (Sweden) holds a sketch of the firearm on which Reuterswärd noted that his grief at the murders of Lennon and Bob Crane inspired him to design this artwork.


There are currently 31 copies of the sculpture around the world. They are located in strategic places such as :

Country Photo City Location Since
1   Sweden   Malmö Bagers plats (original) 1985
2   Stockholm Sergelgatan
3 Gothenburg Kungsportsavenyen
4   Gothenburg Göteborgs Högre Samskola Stampgatan
5   Gothenburg Göteborgs Högre Samskola Föreningsgatan
6   Borås Anna Lindh park
7 Lund The Museum of Sketches
8   Täby, Stockholm County Täby Centrum station
9 Fittja, Stockholm County Fittja metro station
10 Stockholm Åkeshov metro station
11   Halmstad Brogatan
12 Halmstad AJ Produkter Headquarter. Transportvägen[8]
13 Tällberg Green Hotel. Ovabacksgattu 17[8]
14 Landskrona Kasernplan
15   USA (original)   New York City Headquarters of the United Nations 1988
16   Luxembourg (original) Kirchberg Parc Central
17   China   Beijing Chaoyang Park
18 Nanjing 1865 Creative Park
19   Germany Berlin Federal Chancellery
20   France Caen Mémorial de Caen
21    Switzerland   Lausanne Olympic Museum
22   South Africa Cape Town Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
23   Mexico Mexico City Mexipuerto Shopping Mall at Quatro Caminos Naucalpan
24 Mexico City 683 Calle Ferrocarril de Cuarnavaca Polanco
25   India Chennai Perambur, ICF
26   Georgia Rukhi Senaki - Leselidze Highway
27   Lebanon   Beirut Seafront[9] 2018
28   Northern Ireland Belfast Girdwood Community Hub
Gift from the Olsson family[10]

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