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Nomura Holdings, Inc. (野村ホールディングス株式会社, Nomura hōrudingusu kabushiki gaisha) is a Japanese financial holding company and a principal member of the Nomura Group. It, along with its broker-dealer, banking and other financial services subsidiaries, provides investment, financing and related services to individual, institutional and government customers on a global basis with an emphasis on securities businesses.[3]

Nomura Holdings, Inc.
Native name
Nomura Hōrudingusu kabushiki gaisha
TypePublic KK
TYO: 8604
OSE: 8604
NAG: 8604
SGX: N33
TOPIX Core30 component (TYO)
IndustryFinancial services
Financial management consulting
FoundedDecember 25, 1925; 95 years ago (1925-12-25)
Osaka, Japan
Headquarters1-9-1, Nihonbashi, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan
Area served
Key people
Nobuyuki Koga
Tetsu Ozaki
(Vice Chairman)
Kentaro Okuda
(President and Group CEO)
ProductsFinancial services[1]
Securities Services
Retail banking
Investment Management
Investment Banking
Asset management
RevenueSteady ¥1,385 billion (FY 2010)[2]
Decrease ¥1,130 billion (FY 2010)[2]
Decrease ¥28,661 billion (FY 2010)[2]
AUMIncrease ¥24,743 billion (FY 2010)[2]
Total assetsIncrease ¥36,693 billion(FY 2010)[2]
Total equityDecrease ¥2,091 billion (FY 2010)[2]
SubsidiariesNomura Securities Co., Ltd.
Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd.
The Nomura Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
The headquarters of Nomura in Tokyo, Japan.



The history of Nomura began on December 25, 1925, when Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. (NSC) was established in Osaka, as a spin-off from Securities Dept. of Osaka Nomura Bank Co., Ltd (the present day Resona Bank). NSC initially focused on the bond market.[4][5][6] It was named after its founder Tokushichi Nomura II, a wealthy Japanese businessman and investor. He had earlier established Osaka Nomura bank in 1918, based on the Mitsui zaibatsu model with a capital of ¥10 million.[7] Like the majority of Japanese conglomerates, or zaibatsu, its origins were in Osaka, but today operates out of Tokyo. NSC gained the authority to trade stock in 1938, and went public in 1961.

Lehman Brothers AcquisitionEdit

In October 2008, Nomura acquired most of Lehman Brothers Asian operations together with its European equities and investment banking units to make one of the world's largest independent investment banks with Y20,300bn (£138bn) assets under management. In April 2009, the global headquarters for investment banking was moved out of Tokyo to London as part of a strategy to move the company's focus from Japan to global markets, with Josh Tokley appointed Head of UK Investments. Following his subsequent suspension, Tokley was replaced by Michael Coombs.

Nomura paid $225 million for the purchase of Lehman's Asian-Pacific unit.[8] Due to large losses with shares dropping to their lowest level in nearly 37 years, Nomura cut around 5 percent of its staff in Europe (as many as 500 people) in mid-September 2011.[9]


In September 2011, it was announced that Trent Martin was hired as a Vice President, Sales.[10] In December 2012, Martin faced an extradition request in Hong Kong from the U.S. for alleged insider-trading, securities fraud, and conspiracy to commit securities fraud. The extradition request was not contested.[11]

In 2018, Nomura banker, Patrick Cheong, was hired by iProsperity Australia to run its China operations. The company was later discovered to be a Ponzi scheme.[12][13][14]

Greentech AcquisitionEdit

In December 2019, Nomura announced that it would acquire Greentech Capital Advisors, a boutique investment bank with stated aims of assisting clients across sustainable technology and infrastructure. The transaction is expected to close on March 31, 2020.[15]

Greentech will be rebranded to "Nomura Greentech" and will form part of their Investment Banking franchise in the U.S.[16]

Nomura Holdings and member companiesEdit

Nomura Holdings, Inc. is the holding company of the Nomura Group and the group's principal member.[17][18] As a keiretsu, Nomura Holdings, Inc. does not directly run member companies, rather it keeps a controlling stake of cross shareholdings and manages financial assistance among member companies which help to deflect hostile takeovers.

Core membersEdit

Marketing and brandingEdit

The marketing slogan of Nomura is "Connecting Markets East & West".[22]


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