Noapara metro station and depot

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Noapara Metro Station is the largest station of the Kolkata Metro Line 1 situated in Noapara, Baranagar.[1] It opened on 10 July 2013.[2] These include four platforms with lengths of 182 meters, unlike other Kolkata Metro stations.[3] It serves the localities of Noapara, Tobin Road and Bonhooghly. The station has 2 stories, with 6 escalators and 4 elevators. There are also 31 CCTV cameras for increased security.[4] The Kolkata Metro owns a 147-acre depot for maintenance and storage of rakes immediate east of the station.[5]

Kolkata Metro Logo.svg
Kolkata Metro station and depot
Inside Noapara metro station.
LocationAkshay Kumar Mukherjee Road, Noapara, Baranagar
Coordinates22°38′23″N 88°23′38″E / 22.639673°N 88.393978°E / 22.639673; 88.393978Coordinates: 22°38′23″N 88°23′38″E / 22.639673°N 88.393978°E / 22.639673; 88.393978
Owned byKolkata Metro
Platforms2 Side platforms and 1 Island platform
Tracks4 (2 more tracks lead to the depot)
Structure typeElevated
Platform levels2
Disabled accessYes Disabled access
Other information
StatusStaffed, Operational
Station codeKNAP
Fare zoneKOAA
Opened10 July 2013; 8 years ago (2013-07-10)
Electrified750 V DC Third Rail
Preceding station   Kolkata Metro   Following station
toward Dakshineswar
Line 1
toward Kavi Subhash
TerminusLine 4
toward Barasat
Noapara is located in Kolkata
Location within Kolkata



Noapara elevated metro station is situated on the Kolkata Metro Line 1 and the Kolkata Metro Line 4 of Kolkata Metro.


 Line 1   Line 4 

G Street Level Exit/ Entrance
L1 Mezzanine Fare control, station agent, Ticket/token, shops
L1 Side platform doors will open on the left  
Northbound Line 4 Toward →Dum Dum Cantt.→→
Southbound Line 4 Terminus
Island platform, doors will open on the right  
Northbound Line 1 Toward ←Baranagar←←
Southbound Line 1 Toward →Dum Dum→→
Side platform doors will open on the left  


Map of Noapara depot, Kolkata

This is the oldest and biggest metro depot in India. It serves the Kolkata Metro Line 1 and will also serve Kolkata Metro Line 4 in future. This depot can hold maximum 40 rakes at a time. Newly received rakes are also tested here, and the old ones are kept here. The depot is connected to the Kolkata Chord line, so that newly manufactured rakes can directly be brought via train.


It was opened in 1984. Before that, it was a Railway yard and a track extended till Texmaco Rail & Engineering manufacturing unit.



Bus route number 34C serves the station.[6]


Noapara Metro to Bonhoogly.

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