Nittedal Station

Nittedal Station (Norwegian: Nittedal stasjon) is a railway station on the Gjøvik Line at Rotnes in Akershus county, Norway. The station was opened in 1900 as a stop for passengers and freight two years ahead of the opening of the Gjøvik Line in 1902.

Nittedal jernbane stasjon 2.JPG
LocationRotnes, AkershusNittedal
Coordinates60°03′29″N 10°51′55″E / 60.05806°N 10.86528°E / 60.05806; 10.86528Coordinates: 60°03′29″N 10°51′55″E / 60.05806°N 10.86528°E / 60.05806; 10.86528
Owned byBane NOR
Operated byVy Gjøvikbanen
Line(s)Gjøvik Line
Distance24.26 km
ArchitectPaul Armin Due

In 1907 Nittedal was upgraded from a stop to a station manned to expedite trains, passengers and freight. In the years in between a station building was also erected that had been drawn by architect Paul Armin Due. In 1971, after almost 70 years of being in service, the station became fully automated and remotely controlled.

Today the station is unmanned and furnished with ticket machines. Its elevation is 235.8 m AMSL and the distance to Oslo Central Station is 24.26 km. The main building now serves as a café.

The station is reportedly haunted, and it was featured on the Norwegian television show "Åndenes Makt", a show about paranormal activities.


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