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The Nissan Smyrna assembly plant is an automobile assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, that began production in 1983[1] and employs approximately 8,000.[1] The plant has an annual capacity of 640,000 cars[1], which is the highest in North America.[2][3][4]


Current models manufactured by the Nissan Smyrna assembly plantEdit

Battery manufacturing at the Nissan Smyrna assembly plantEdit

Nissan and NEC operates a battery manufacturing plant at Smyrna for the Leaf, but decided to sell its battery plant to GSR Capital in July 2017.[5] However, this sale did not actually happen and after three delays was canceled in July 2018 as GSR Capital did not pay on time.[6]

The Leaf2 is to be built at Smyrna, among other factories.[7]


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