Niranam Diocese of Jacobite Syrian Christian Church

Niranam diocese, the smallest and one of the oldest dioceses of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church, is located in Niranam, India. Niranam is one of the places where St. Thomas the Apostle preached in the 1st century.[1]

Niranam Diocese
Geevarghese Mor Coorilose
StyleHis Eminence
First holderGeevarghese Gregorios of Parumala
CathedralSt. Gregorios Patriarchal Center, Parumala

History edit

The Portrait of Geevarghese Mar Gregorios of Parumala by Raja Ravi Varma Kept inside the St. John's Jacobite Syrian church Kumarakom.

Niranam diocese was established by Patriarch Peter IV, the Patriarch of Antioch during his apostolic visit to India in 1876 at the historic Mulanthuruthy Synod. Geevarghese Gregorios of Parumala was ordained as its first metropolitan. Later in 1987, Mor Gregorios declared a saint by Ignatius Zakka I Patriarch of Antioch for Syriac Orthodox Church of India.[1]

The Diocese of Niranam has now been made an independent diocese headquarter at St. Gregorios Church and the Patriarchal Center of Parumala. The Present Niranam Diocese Metropolitan is Geevarghese Mor Coorilose, who was consecrated as bishop on 3 July 2006 at St. Thomas Church of Paravur. The present Auxiliary Metropolitan is Geevarghese Mor Barnabas of Niranam Diocese.[2]

Diocesan Metropolitans edit

List of Diocesan Metropolitan
From Until Metropolitan Notes
1973 1995 Kuriakose Mor Koorilos Metropolitan of Niranam, Quilon and Thumpamon, entombed at Mor Ignatius Dayara, Adoor
1995 1999 Geevarghese Mor Gregorios Former Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese, Entombed at Perumpally Simhasana Church, Ernakulam
1999 2000 Thomas Mor Divanasios Catholicos of India and former Metropolitan Trustee
2000 2005 Thomas Mor Timotheos Former Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese
2005 2005 Markose Mor Koorilos Metropolitan of Niranam and Kandanad Diocese, Entombed at St. Mary's Church Pangada, Kottayam
2005 2007 Joseph Mor Gregorios former Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese
2007 Present Geevarghese Mor Coorilos[2] Present Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese

Parishes edit

  1. Parumala St. Gregorios Church and Patriarchal Center, Pathanamthitta Dist, Kerala
  2. Chennithala St. George Horeb Jacobite Syrian Church, Chennithala, Eramathoor P.O, Mannar Alapuzha Dist, Kerala - 689 622
  3. Anjilithanam, St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church Anjilithanam, Thiruvalla Pthanamthitta Dist, Kerala -689 101
  4. Cheppadu St. George Jacobite Syrian Church Cheppadu P.O, Alappuzha Dist, Kerala - 690 507
  5. Kallooppara, St. Gregorious Jacobite Syrian Church Kallooppara P.O., Thiruvalla Pathanamthitta Dist, Kerala
  6. Kavumbhagam, St. George Jacobite Syrian Church Kavumbhagam P.O, Thiruvalla Pathanamthitta Dist, Kerala - 689 101
  7. Kunnamthanam, St. Peters Jacobite Syrian Church Kunnamthanam P.O., Thiruvalla Pathanamthitta Dist, Kerala - 689 581
  8. Mazhuvangadu, St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church Mazhuvangadu P.O., Thiruvalla -1 Pathanamthitta Dist
  9. Mepral, St. Johns Jacobite Syrian Church Mepral P.O, Thiruvalla Pathanamthitta Dist, Kerala - 689 591
  10. Puramattam, St. George Jacobite Syrian Church Puramattam P.O., Eraviperoor, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta Dist Kerala - 689 543
  11. Paramkal, St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church Paramkal, Palakathakidy P.O., Kunnamthanam, Thiruvalla Pathanamthitta Dist

References edit

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