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Ninth Army (Italy)

The Italian 9th Army (Italian: 9° Armata) was a World War I and World War II field army.

9° Armata
9th Army
CountryItaly Kingdom of Italy
BranchRegio Esercito (Royal Italian Army)
EngagementsWorld War I
World War II

World War IEdit

After the disastrous defeat at Caporetto (November 1917) the Italian Army was completely reorganized by Armando Diaz. The new 9th Italian Army was formed under command of Paolo Morrone.
It consisted of:

It participated as reserve in the successful Battle of the Piave River (June 1918) and Battle of Vittorio Veneto (October–November 1918).

World War IIEdit

It was involved in the abortive Italian invasion of Greece in 1940, and the Invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941. It then became the Italian garrison of the occupied or annexed territories of the Kingdom of Albania and the Italian governorate of Montenegro until the Italian surrender in 1943.[1]

Its commanders were



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