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Ninh Hòa is a district-level town (thị xã) of Khánh Hòa Province in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. As of 2003 the town had a population of 227,630.[1] The district covers an area of 1,199 km². The district capital lies at Ninh Hòa.[1]

Ninh Hòa

Thị xã Ninh Hòa
Ninh Hòa Town
Country Vietnam
RegionSouth Central Coast
ProvinceKhánh Hòa
CapitalNinh Hòa
 • Total463 sq mi (1,199 km2)
 • Total227,630
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC +7)

Administrative divisionsEdit

Ninh Hòa is subdivided into

  • 7 wards: Ninh Hiệp, Ninh Giang, Ninh Đa, Ninh Hà, Ninh Diêm, Ninh Thủy, and Ninh Hải.
  • 20 communes: Ninh Sơn, Ninh Thượng, Ninh Tây, Ninh Trung, Ninh An, Ninh Thọ, Ninh Sim, Ninh Xuân, Ninh Thân, Ninh Bình, Ninh Quang, Ninh Phú, Ninh Phước, Ninh Vân, Ninh Ích, Ninh Lộc, Ninh Hưng, Ninh Tân, Ninh Đông, Ninh Phụng.


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Coordinates: 12°34′59″N 109°00′00″E / 12.583°N 109.000°E / 12.583; 109.000