Nikolaus Selnecker

Nikolaus Selnecker (or Selneccer) (December 5, 1530 – May 24, 1592) was a German musician, theologian and Protestant reformer. He is now known mainly as a hymn writer. He is also known as one of the principal authors of the Formula of Concord along with Jakob Andreä and Martin Chemnitz.

Nikolaus Selnecker


Nikolaus Selnecker was born in Hersbruck in Bavaria, Germany. His father moved him and his family to Nuremberg while he was still a child. At a young age he was an organist at the chapel in the Kaiserburg. He studied under Melanchthon at the University of Wittenberg, graduating M. A. in 1554. Later he was a chaplain and musician at the court of Augustus, Elector of Saxony in Dresden. Additionally he served as a court tutor and supervised education in the court chapel. He was later appointed professor of theology at Leipzig University, and pastor of St. Thomas's Church.[1][2]


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