Nikolai Lomakin

General Nikolai Pavlovich Lomakin (1830–1902) was a 19th-century Russian military commander. He was born in Baku in 1830. He joined the Polotsk Cadet Corps and commenced service with the 19th Artillery Brigade. From 1850 onwards, he fought in the Caucasian War, serving with distinction and taking part in special assignments in Daghestan. This was followed by further success in the Khiva campaign of 1873, which saw Lomakin rise to the rank of major general and win various military awards.

General Lomakin

In 1879, Lomakin became commander of the Akhal-Teke expedition in Turkmenistan, following the death of General I. D. Lazarev. However, he failed in his attempt to take Geok-Tepe fortress and was replaced by General Tergukasov. Afterwards he was posted to Tiflis and gradually rose through the ranks, eventually retiring from the army in 1897 with the rank of general.

He died in Tiflis in 1902. His memoirs of service in the Transcaspian territory were published after his death.[1]