Nikkei Asia

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Nikkei Asia is a major English-language newsmagazine focused on the Asian continent, although it also covers broader international developments. It is published weekly and headquartered in Tokyo.

Nikkei Asia is owned by Nikkei, Inc., the same Japan-based holding company that owns the London-based Financial Times. Involved in newspaper businesses since 1876, Nikkei, Inc. is today the owner of the TX Network, with TV Tokyo as its flagship station. Nikkei, Inc. ranks as Asia's largest independent business media group.

Because Nikkei Asia and the Financial Times are sister publications,[1] some Financial Times journalists are seconded to Nikkei Asia on a rotating, two-year basis.

Nikkei Asia was formerly known as the Nikkei Asian Review[2] and shortened its name with effect from September 30, 2020. Nikkei Asia calls itself the "voice of the Asian century".


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