Nikita Konovalov

Nikita Konovalov (Russian: Никита Юрьевич Коновалов; born 27 July 1988) is a Russian swimmer who has won more than ten medals at the European and world championships since 2009.[2]

Nikita Konovalov
Nikita Konovalov 2015.jpg
Konovalov at the 2015 Military World Games
Personal information
Born (1988-07-27) 27 July 1988 (age 32)
Omsk, Soviet Union

Konovalov was addicted to computer games, and because of that around 2006 he was skipping school and training sessions for many months. He has a tattoo covering his chest and arms, which is dedicated to Illidan Stormrage, a character in the Warcraft series of video games.[2]


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