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"Night of the Meek" is the first segment of the thirteenth episode from the first season (1985–86) from the television series The Twilight Zone.

"Night of the Meek"
The Twilight Zone (1985 series) episode
Night of the Meek 2.jpg
Scene from Night of the Meek
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 13a
Directed byMartha Coolidge
Written byRockne S. O'Bannon, original story by Rod Serling
Original air dateDecember 20, 1985
Guest appearance(s)

Richard Mulligan: Henry Corwin
William Atherton: Dundee
Joanne Baron: Mrs. Beacham
Elizabeth Gracen
Hugo Stanger: Dobson
Teddy Wilson
Patricia Wilson: woman caroler
Larenz Tate: older brother
Brian Muehl: father
Muriel Minot: mother of little girl
Shelby Leverington: mother
Jeff Kober: young cop
Monty Ash: old man
Charles Sweigart: bartender
Enid Rodgers: spinster
Toria Crosby: little girl
Bill Henderson: policeman
Wilson Camp: man
Beth Ward: girl with glasses
Wayne Morton: manager
Benji Gregory: boy
Paul Stout: boy
Georgia Schmidt: wife
Harry Governick: man on roof
Phyllis Ehrlich: woman on phone
Thomas F. Duffy: businessman

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"I of Newton"
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"But Can She Type?"
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Henry Corwin (Richard Mulligan) who works as a department store Santa Claus takes his dinner break at a local bar, complaining to the bartender that many families in the world struggle as evidenced by two homeless children outside. Without explanation, two dollar bills appear out of Corwin's pocket and he donates them to the transient kids. However, when Corwin returns to work visibly tipsy, the store owner Mr. Dundee (William Atherton) fires him. Dundee is already upset that the custom-made coat for his wife was sold to a customer and blames Corwin for ruining Christmas for the kids. Corwin rebuffs Dundee and tells him that the kids whose families struggle with keeping the lights on and putting food on their tables will be the ones who will be unable to enjoy Christmas.

Corwin goes to his apartment depressed on Christmas Eve and gets ready to take a garbage bag to the street. He hears children caroling and says that he wishes that he had something to give them. They move on and then Corwin notices that there are toys coming out of the garbage bag.

Mr. Dundee gets home and notices the children on the streets are running around with new toys. At the lobby of Corwin's tenement building, a joyous party is held with kids getting toys as well as adults and teenagers receiving badly needed items. Mr. Dundee suspects they have been stolen from his department store. The police are called and question Corwin. They lack proof that he stole, but since Corwin lacks proof of ownership, they decide to arrest him.

Receipts for Dundee's department store start to flow out of the bag and the police become satisfied that everything is okay. Dundee asks Corwin how he managed to make that happen and he tells Dundee to never question miracles. Reaching into the bag, Corwin pulls out the fur coat intended for Mrs. Dundee and a baseball with the signatures of the 1961 Yankees for himself. Dundee asks Henry if there is anything that he would like for Christmas? Corwin says that all he wants is to be able to be charitable every year.

Happy, Dundee walks to his car and Corwin enters his apartment. Corwin attempts to get his beard and mustache off and he soon realizes that he must have some newfound magic. Corwin disappears up the chimney. Near his car, Dundee hears bells and the jolly laugh of Santa Claus overhead. Smiling, he knows that Corwin got his wish, too.


This episode is a remake of the original The Twilight Zone series episode, "The Night of the Meek" about a drunken department store Santa (played by The Honeymooners Art Carney) who finds a magical sack that can create presents and he becomes a real-life Santa Claus after giving gifts to everyone (including the police officers who arrest him).

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