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Nigerian WebRadio is an internet radio station broadcasting from Houston, Texas, USA.[1] It started broadcasting on February 1, 2007, with a mix of Nigerian music and locally produced talkshows and drama. Nigerian WebRadio claims that between 10–20 hours of its weekly broadcast are locally produced. Its broadcast is targeted at the African/Nigerian Diaspora.[2]



Nigerian WebRadio was established in September 2006 by US-based Nigerian journalist/broadcaster, Tunde Akinloye.[3] In February 2007, Tunde Akinloye invited follow Nigerian journalists and personal friends, Justin Ofor, Sola Adewunmi and Sola Osofisan to join in nurturing the station into prominence.

Both Sola Osofisan and Justin Ofor withdrew from the project shortly after take off leaving Tunde Akinloye and Sola Adewunmi to continue. Joke Adeniji (Sowole) joined the team in April, 2007 to make up for the setback.

Initially, Nigerian WebRadio was nothing more than a music streaming service, lacking in clear style and identity. But that changed in July, 2007 with recruitment of two full-time reporters in Abuja and Lagos. The Abuja reporter, Kemi Musa, was accredited to report from the Nigerian House of Assembly while the Lagos reporter, Nana Ahmadu, was accredited to report from the Lagos State governors office. By the end of 2007, Nigerian WebRadio had employed additional full-time and part-time reporters in Abuja, Abeokuta, Ibadan and Lagos.


Nigerian WebRadio stopped broadcasting in October, 2011 after an episode of prolonged offline and countless program repeat. There were reports that Tunde Akinloye, its primary owner, was no longer keen on keeping the station online and was already negotiating with possible investors to take over the project.


On March 10, Nigerian WebRadio posted on its Facebook page announcing that the station would return online on April 15, 2012. And at midnight U.S central time on April 15, Nigerian WebRadio returned online.


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