Nigel Mansell Sunseeker International Classic

The Nigel Mansell Sunseeker International Classic was a men's professional golf tournament on the European Seniors Tour from 2003 to 2005. It was staged at Woodbury Park Golf Club, Woodbury, Devon, England. Total prize money was £150,000 with the winner receiving £22,500.

Nigel Mansell Sunseeker International Classic
Tournament information
LocationWoodbury, Devon, England
Course(s)Woodbury Park Golf Club
Tour(s)European Seniors Tour
Final year2005
Final champion
Jim Rhodes
Woodbury Park Golf Club is located in England
Woodbury Park Golf Club
Woodbury Park Golf Club
Location in England

The event was hosted by the former motor-racing driver Nigel Mansell, who had had his 50th birthday just before the inaugural event and played as an amateur. In 2003 he finished 60th on 7 over par, in 2004 he finished tied for 62nd place at 10 over par while in 2005 he finished in 52nd place, again on 10 over par.


Year Winner Country Score To par Margin
of victory
Nigel Mansell Sunseeker International Classic
2005 Jim Rhodes   England 208 −8 3 strokes   Tony Charnley
2004 Seiji Ebihara   Japan 203 −13 2 strokes   David Oakley
Nigel Mansell Classic presented by Sunseeker International
2003 Mike Miller   Scotland 205 −11 2 strokes   Delroy Cambridge,   Denis Durnian,
  Terry Gale,   Denis O'Sullivan,
  Ian Stanley

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