Nicopress swaged sleeve

A nicopress swaged sleeve is a mechanically swaged connector used to make a mechanical or electro-mechanical connection. These sleeves join or terminate: wire rope, aircraft cable, synthetic cable, fibrous rope, or electrical conductor/cable.

Oval swaged sleeve

Oval swaged sleeveEdit

Copper oval sleeve

When properly applied to 7×7, 7×19 or 6×19 IWRC classification wire rope, the nicopress eye-splice configuration termination provides a secured connection equal to the breaking strength of the wire rope. The product was originally developed for the US Military, patented in 1942 and currently used in a wide range of applications and industries including: aerospace, defense, marine, material handling, and structural applications.[1][2][3]

  • All product is produced from seamless metal tube and used to swage stainless steel, galvanized wire ropes or synthetic rope. The product, when made from copper or stainless steel, conforms to United States Military Standard, MS 51844.[4]
  • The product which is used to make an eye splice is known as: Oval Sleeve, Figure 8 Sleeve, Hourglass Sleeve, Duplex Sleeve, Ferrule, Nicos.
  • Correct installation is critical to the performance of the product; this includes utilizing the correct tool groove and/or die, number of presses/bites, press sequence and gauging. Adhering to the manufacturer's instructions will avoid catastrophic failure.[5]

Stop sleeveEdit

Swaged stop sleeve
  • The round stop sleeve is intended to be pressed on single wire or synthetic ropes, e.g. for use as an end stop.

Splicing sleeveEdit

Electrical conductor splicing sleeves are designed to splice a range of conductors. Full tension sleeves are made of high conductivity copper, aluminum or steel with a specially bonded inner bore coating


Toggle-action swaging tool

A range of swaging tools are available to compress sleeves correctly. Tools range from manual pliers type and toggle-action to pneumatic, hydraulic and battery-operated hydraulic tools.

The companyEdit

The National Telephone Supply Company was established in 1901; a trademark in many countries is Nicopress. The parent company is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The sleeves and swaging tools are sold throughout the world with representatives in most industrialized countries.


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