Nicolau Brondo Trophy

The Nicolau Brondo Trophy (Spanish: Trofeo Nicolás Brondo) is a pre-season football tournament organised by Club Deportivo Atlético Baleares (Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain) since 1966. The trophy serves as the official presentation of the first team before the start of the season.

Nicolau Brondo Trophy
Founded1966; 54 years ago (1966)
RegionPalma, spain
Number of teams2
Current championsAtlético Baleares (28th title)
Most successful club(s)Atlético Baleares (28 titles)


The tournament was created in memory of the journalist former Nicolás Brondo Ferrer (1920–1965), habitual follower and chronicler of the team, died prematurely.

It has been played continuously every summer, except in the years 1976 (it was not organized), 1988 (reseeding the lawn) and 2006 (installation of artificial turf). Nor was it played in 1990 because of the water trickle that fell in Palma and the inability to find dates throughout the season to be played.

The trophy has traditionally been played in a single game, except four times (1977, 1992, 1995 and 1998) in which semifinals and final were played. Atlético Baleares has always been present in the dispute of his trophy, except on two occasions (1992 and 1995) in which the team fell in the semifinals when it has been played with four teams.

It was played at the Estadio Balear since 1966 until the stadium was closed. After was played at the Magaluf Municipal Sports Center (Calvià) (2013), and Son Malferit (since 2014). It is currently the oldest trophy of these characteristics played in the Balearic Islands.

List of championsEdit

Year Ed. Champion Score Runner-up Other comments
1966 1st Atlético Baleares 1–1 (pp) CE Sabadell One match
1967 2nd Atlético Baleares 1–0 CD Constancia One match
1968 3rd CE Europa 1–0 Atlético Baleares One match
1969 4th SD Ibiza 2–1 Atlético Baleares One match
1970 5th Atlético Baleares 2–1 SD Ibiza One match
1971 6th Real Mallorca 1–0 Atlético Baleares One match
1972 7th Real Mallorca 4–1 Atlético Baleares One match
1973 8th SD Ibiza 0–0 (pp) Atlético Baleares One match
1974 9th Atlético Baleares 1–1 (pp) UD Poblense One match
1975 10th Atlético Baleares 2–1 CD Margaritense One match
1976 -- CE Europa 2–0 Atlético Baleares The club considers it a preseason game
1977 11th Atlético Baleares 5–1 UD Poblense Semifinalists, CD Margaritense and CD Murense
1978 12th SD Ibiza 2–0 Atlético Baleares One match
1979 13th Atlético Baleares 2–2 (pp) CE Espanya One match
1980 14th Atlético Baleares 1–0 CD Manacor One match
1981 15th CD Santanyí 2–1 Atlético Baleares One match
1982 16th CD Calvià 2–1 Atlético Baleares One match
1983 17th CD Badia Cala Millor 3–1 Atlético Baleares One match
1984 18th Real Mallorca 1–0 Atlético Baleares One match
1985 19th Real Mallorca 2–1 Atlético Baleares One match
1986 20th CD Constancia 2–2 (pp) Atlético Baleares One match
1987 21st Atlético Baleares 2–0 UD Poblense One match
1988 It was not disputed by the reseeding of the lawn on the pitch before the start of the season
1989 22nd Atlético Baleares 4–2 CD Manacor One match
1990 23rd Atlético Baleares --- CF Platges de Calvià Suspended because of a heavy rain storm
1991 24th Atlético Baleares 7–0 Son Roca At. One match
1992 25th CD Ferriolense 1–1 (pp) Real Mallorca Semifinalists, Atlético Baleares and Son Roca At.
1993 26th CD Ferriolense 1–1 (pp) Atlético Baleares One match
1994 27th Real Mallorca 1–1 (pp) Atlético Baleares One match
1995 28th CD Constancia 0–0 (pp) CF Sóller Semifinalists, Atlético Baleares and CF Platges de Calvià
1996 29th Atlético Baleares 1–0 CF Sóller One match
1997 30th Atlético Baleares 1–1 (pp) CF Sóller One match
1998 31st Atlético Baleares 4–1 CD Ferriolense Semifinalists, CD Génova and CD Soledad
1999[1] 32nd Atlético Baleares 4–1 CD Santa Ponsa One match
2000 33rd CD Constancia 3–2 Atlético Baleares One match
2001[2] 34th Atlético Baleares 1–1 (pp) Real Mallorca B One match
2002 35th CD Santa Ponsa 1–0 Atlético Baleares One match
2003[3] 36th CD Binissalem 2–1 Atlético Baleares One match
2004 37th Atlético Baleares 2–1 CD Ferriolense One match
2005 38th Real Mallorca B 3–0 Atlético Baleares One match
2006 Not played over the installation of artificial turf before the season
2007 39th Atlético Baleares 1–1 (pp) Real Mallorca B One match
2008 40th Atlético de Madrid B 0–0 (pp) Atlético Baleares One match
2009[4] 41st Nigeria Sub-20 4–0 Atlético Baleares One match
2010[5] 42nd Atlético Baleares 1–1 (pp) Celta de Vigo B One match
2011[6] 43rd Atlético Baleares 2–1 UD Las Palmas One match
2012[7] 44th Atlético Baleares 7–0 Mallorca selection One match
2013 45th Atlético Baleares 1–0 CF Platges de Calvià One match
2014 46th Atlético Baleares 6–1 CE Mercadal One match
2015[8] 47th Atlético Baleares 3–0 Santa Catalina At. One match
2016[9] 48th Atlético Baleares 1–0 CD Constancia One match
2017[10] 49th Atlético Baleares 4–0 CD Santanyí One match
2018[11] 50th Atlético Baleares 4–0 CE Esporles One match
2019[12] 51st Atlético Baleares 0–0 (pp) UD Poblense One match

(pp): resolved in the penalty shootout

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