Central Teke language

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Central Teke is a member of the Teke languages dialect continuum of the Congolese plateau. Central Teke dialects are Ngungwel and Mpu (Mpumpum), Boo (Boma, Eboocf. Boma language), and Nzikou (Njyunjyu/Ndzindziu). They are spoken in the Malebo Pool region of the Republic of Congo, with an unknown number of Boo speakers in DRC.

Central Teke
Native toCongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Native speakers

– 45,000 Ngungwel (1988)[1]
– 20,000 Boo in Congo (2000)[2]
  • Ngungwel
  • Mpu (Mpumpu)
  • Boo (Eboo)
  • Ndzindziu
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
ngz – Ngungwel
ebo – Boo
nzu – Nzikou[3]
Glottologteke1278  Teke-Eboo-Nzikou
ngun1272  Ngungwel


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