Newspaper endorsements in the 1904 United States presidential election

Newspapers made endorsements of candidates in the 1904 United States presidential election. Incumbent President Theodore Roosevelt who took office after William McKinley was assassinated in 1901 was the Republican candidate, and Alton B. Parker the Democratic candidate. Harper's Weekly ran a cartoon in September 1904 called "Tom's Dream", a reference to DNC Chairman Thomas Taggart, and his hope that the major newspapers of the country would endorse Parker. His dream largely did not come true, as most newspapers endorsed Roosevelt in this election.[1]

Newspaper 1904 Endorsement Largest Reported Circ. Endorsement
State 1900 Endorsement Notes
New York Herald[2] Alton B. Parker 75,000+[3] 1904 New York William McKinley
New York World[2] Alton B. Parker 75,000+[3] 1904 New York William McKinley
New York Evening Post[2] Alton B. Parker 23,487[3] 1904 New York William McKinley
New York Times[4] Alton B. Parker 75,000+[3] 1904 New York William McKinley
The Sun (New York)[1] Theodore Roosevelt 1904 New York
Brooklyn Eagle[2] Alton B. Parker 20,000+[3] 1904 New York William McKinley
Chicago Tribune[5] Theodore Roosevelt 75,000+[3] 1904 Illinois William McKinley[5]
Baltimore Sun[6] Alton B. Parker 20,000+[3] 1904 Maryland William Jennings Bryan
Baltimore Afro-American Ledger[7] Theodore Roosevelt 2,458[3] 1904 Maryland Prominent weekly black newspaper
Canton Repository[8] Theodore Roosevelt 8,230[3] 1904 Ohio William McKinley[8]
The Arizona Republican[9] Theodore Roosevelt 5,820[3] 1904 Arizona Territory William McKinley Did not officially endorse Roosevelt, but wrote "glowingly" about him frequently.[9]
Puck (magazine)[1] Alton B. Parker 1904 New York Humor magazine.


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