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News At Seven-Thirty

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News At Seven-Thirty (Chinese: 七點半新聞報道, also known as News At 7:30), is the flagship evening English news programme which is broadcast daily Monday to Sunday at 7:30 pm in Hong Kong on TVB Pearl. News At Seven-Thirty is also for free reviewing on TVB News' website. The programme first aired on TVB Pearl when it was launched on 19 November 1967 and is one of the longest running newscasts in Hong Kong with News at 6:30 on its sister channel TVB Jade.

News At Seven-Thirty
News at Seven Thirty.jpg
Genre News programme
Created by TVB News
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) TVB
Location(s) Hong Kong
Running time 25 minutes
Original network TVB Pearl
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original release 19 November 1967 – Present
Related shows News at 6:30
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Broadcasting lengthEdit

News At Seven-Thirty usually broadcasts for approximately 25 minutes, followed later by Weather Report and Earth Live (the latter produced by earthTV).

Theme musicEdit

  • "TVB News Effect Sound Beep Beep Beep" (1977 to December 1983)
  • "TVB First Generation Music," (December 1983 to June 30, 1990)
  • "TVB Second Generation Music," (July 1, 1990 to July 8, 1995)
  • "TVB Third Generation Music," (July 9, 1995 to present)

Broadcast TimeEdit

News At Seven-Thirty In fact, as early as in 1967 when the TV broadcast has appeared, was the Chinese version, then in 1976 because of TVB Jade Premiere and changed to 18:30 play, and changed its name to 六點半新聞報道 (News at 6:30) to date. And then the TVB Pearl news name has changed many times In the name from 3 April 1978

  • News Today (November 19, 1967 to April 2, 1978)
  • News at 7:00 (April 3, 1978 to November 30, 1988)
  • News at 7:15 and News at 9:00 (December 1, 1988 to May 30, 1993) [1][2]
  • News at 8:00 (May 31, 1993 to June 30, 1995 )
  • News at 7:30 (July 1, 1995 – Present)

Special NewsEdit

  • Early Nightly World News (December 1, 1988 to May 30, 1993)
  • News Line (May 31, 1993 to July 8, 1995)

News presentersEdit

Different news presenters appear on the show each day. The combination is usually the dual anchor format (one male and one female). The male anchor also acts as a sports presenter (as opposed to having a separate sports presenter, like on TVB Jade's News at 6:30)

Present presentersEdit



Former presentersEdit


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