New Zealand Grand Prix

The New Zealand Grand Prix, sometimes known as the New Zealand International Grand Prix, is an annual motor racing event held in New Zealand. First held in 1950, it is best known for hosting rounds of the Tasman Series in the 1960s and 1970s. It is currently run as the signature race of the Toyota Racing Series.

New Zealand Grand Prix
Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
Hampton Downs Motorsport Park (International Layout).png
Race information
Number of times held66
First held1950
Most wins (drivers)United Kingdom Stirling Moss (3)
Australia Jack Brabham (3)
New Zealand Craig Baird (3)
New Zealand Ken Smith (3)
New Zealand Nick Cassidy (3)
Most wins (constructors)Italy Tatuus (16)
Circuit length3.8 km (2.361 mi)
Race length106.4 km (66.1 mi)
Last race (2021)
Pole position
Fastest lap

It is one of only two current national Grand Prix events that are not part of the Formula One World Championship, the other being the Macau Grand Prix.[1]


The race was once an important race on the international calendar, most notably when it was a part of the Tasman Series. In this era, several contemporary Formula One drivers would compete in the race, often with great success. Six Formula One World Drivers' Champions have won the New Zealand Grand Prix, including three-time champions Sir Jack Brabham and Sir Jackie Stewart.[2] In the years following the demise of the Tasman Series, Formula One drivers did not regularly compete in extra-curricular races, and as such the New Zealand Grand Prix lost many of its big-name entrants. It was run for smaller local or continental formulae in the 1990s and 2000s such as Formula Holden.

Since 2006, the race is run as part of the Toyota Racing Series, which has gained international prominence due to the championship being held over the Northern Hemisphere winter. This has resulted in many international drivers, particularly young developmental drivers, joining the championship in their traditional off-season, thus restoring a level of prestige to the event.[2] It is seen as a stepping stone to larger open-wheeler classes, such as Formula 3, and beyond, and drivers such as Daniil Kvyat, Alex Lynn, Lance Stroll and Lando Norris have competed in the race and then gone on to compete as race or test drivers in Formula One.[2]

In its history, the race has been held in eight different locations across New Zealand. Pukekohe Park Raceway in Pukekohe has been the most common venue, with the race being held there 29 times. The Circuit Chris Amon, formerly Manfeild Autocourse, in Feilding hosted the event between 2008 and 2020.[3] Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, which had campaigned to host the event for several years, became the new host of the event in 2021.[4][5] Due to travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 event was only contested by New Zealand drivers, with Supercars Championship regulars Shane van Gisbergen and Andre Heimgartner joining the field alongside past winners Greg Murphy and Ken Smith, who contested his 50th New Zealand Grand Prix.[6] Van Gisbergen won the event, despite starting from pitlane due to a pre-race issue.[7]


Year Winner Car Class Circuit Report
1950   John McMillan Jackson Special Ford Formula Libre Ohakea Circuit Report

Not held
1954   Stan Jones Maybach Special Formula Libre Ardmore Circuit Report
1955   Prince B. Bira Maserati 250F Report
1956   Stirling Moss Maserati 250F Report
1957   Reg Parnell Ferrari 555/860 Report
1958   Jack Brabham Cooper T43 Climax Report
1959   Stirling Moss Cooper T45 Climax Report
1960   Jack Brabham Cooper T51 Climax Report
1961   Jack Brabham Cooper T53 Climax Report
1962   Stirling Moss Lotus 21 Climax Report
1963   John Surtees Lola Mk4 Climax Pukekohe Park Raceway Report
1964   Bruce McLaren Cooper T70 Climax Tasman Series
(Tasman Formula)
1965   Graham Hill Brabham BT11A Climax Report
1966   Graham Hill BRM P261 Tasman Series Report
1967   Jackie Stewart BRM P261 Report
1968   Chris Amon Ferrari 246T Ferrari V6 Report
1969   Chris Amon Ferrari 246T Ferrari V6 Report
1970   Frank Matich McLaren M10A Chevrolet Tasman Series
(Formula 5000)
1971   Niel Allen McLaren M10B Chevrolet Report
1972   Frank Gardner Lola T300 Chevrolet Report
1973   John McCormack Elfin MR5 Repco-Holden Report
1974   John McCormack Elfin MR5 Repco-Holden Wigram Airfield Circuit Report
1975   Warwick Brown Lola T332 Chevrolet Pukekohe Park Raceway Report
1976   Ken Smith Lola T332 Chevrolet Formula 5000 Report
1977   Keke Rosberg Chevron B34 Formula Pacific Report
1978   Keke Rosberg Chevron B34 Report
1979   Teo Fabi March 79B Report
1980   Steve Millen Ralt RT1 Report
1981   David McMillan Ralt RT1
1982   Roberto Moreno Ralt RT4 Ford
1983   David Oxton Ralt RT4 Ford Formula Mondial
1984   Davy Jones Ralt RT4 Ford Formula Pacific
1985   Ross Cheever Ralt RT4 Ford
1986   Ross Cheever Ralt RT4 Ford
1987   Davy Jones Ralt RT4 Ford
1988   Paul Radisich Ralt RT4 Ford
1989   Dean Hall Swift Cosworth
1990   Ken Smith Swift Cosworth
1991   Craig Baird Swift Toyota
1992   Craig Baird Reynard 92H Formula Atlantic Manfeild Autocourse
1993   Craig Baird Reynard 92H
1994   Greg Murphy Reynard 90D Holden Formula Brabham
1995   Brady Kennett Reynard 91D Holden

Not held
1998   Simon Wills Reynard 94D Holden Formula Holden Ruapuna Park
1999   Simon Wills Reynard 94D Holden
2000   Andy Booth Reynard 94D Holden Pukekohe Park Raceway Report
2001 Not held
2002   Fabian Coulthard Van Diemen Stealth RF94 Ford Formula Ford Teretonga Park
2003   Jonny Reid Van Diemen Stealth RF94 Ford
2004   Ken Smith Van Diemen Stealth Evo2 Ford
2005   Simon Gamble Spectrum 010 Ford Report
2006   Hamad Al Fardan Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota Toyota Racing Series Report
2007   Daniel Gaunt Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota Report
2008   Andy Knight Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota Manfeild Autocourse
(Circuit Chris Amon)1
2009   Daniel Gaunt Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota Report
2010   Earl Bamber Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota Report
2011   Mitch Evans Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota Report
2012   Nick Cassidy Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota Report
2013   Nick Cassidy Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota Report
2014   Nick Cassidy Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota Report
2015   Lance Stroll Tatuus FT-50 Toyota Report
2016   Lando Norris Tatuus FT-50 Toyota Report
2017   Jehan Daruvala Tatuus FT-50 Toyota Report
2018   Richard Verschoor Tatuus FT-50 Toyota Report
2019   Liam Lawson Tatuus FT-50 Toyota Report
2020   Igor Fraga Tatuus F.3 T-318 "FT-60" Toyota Report
2021   Shane van Gisbergen Tatuus F.3 T-318 "FT-60" Toyota Hampton Downs Motorsport Park Report
  • ^1 – The Manfeild Autocourse was renamed the Circuit Chris Amon in late 2016.[8]

Multiple winnersEdit

By driverEdit

Wins Driver Years
3   Jack Brabham 1958, 1960, 1961
  Stirling Moss 1956, 1959, 1962
  Craig Baird 1991, 1992, 1993
  Ken Smith 1976, 1990, 2004
  Nick Cassidy 2012, 2013, 2014
2   Graham Hill 1965, 1966
  Chris Amon 1968, 1969
  John McCormack 1973, 1974
  Keke Rosberg 1977, 1978
  Ross Cheever 1985, 1986
  Davy Jones 1984, 1987
  Simon Wills 1998, 1999
  Daniel Gaunt 2007, 2009

By constructorEdit

Wins Constructor
16   Tatuus
9   Ralt
7   Reynard
5   Cooper
4   Lola
3   Ferrari
  Van Diemen
2   Maserati


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