1920 New York state election

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The 1920 New York state election was held on November 2, 1920, to elect the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Secretary of State, the State Comptroller, the Attorney General, the State Treasurer, the State Engineer, two judges of the New York Court of Appeals and a U.S. Senator, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate.


In August 1919, Judge William H. Cuddeback died, and Abram I. Elkus was appointed to fill the vacancy temporarily. Judge Frederick Collin would reach the constitutional age limit at the end of the year. Thus there were two vacancies on the Court of Appeals to be filled at the state election.

The primaries were held on September 14.

Republican primaryEdit

1920 Republican primary results
Governor Nathan L. Miller 270,963 George F. Thompson 143,040
Lieutenant Governor Jeremiah Wood 265,326 William M. Bennett 123,661
Secretary of State John J. Lyons 274,342 Robert R. Lawson 104,325
Comptroller James A. Wendell 300,253 Walter Worth 73,020
Attorney General Charles D. Newton 365,034 (unopposed)
Treasurer N. Monroe Marshall 197,083 Theodore T. Baylor[1] 147,662 John P. Donohue 34,325
State Engineer Frank M. Williams 364,429 (unopposed)
Judge of the Court of Appeals Emory A. Chase (unopposed)
Judge of the Court of Appeals Frederick E. Crane (unopposed)
U.S. Senator James W. Wadsworth, Jr. 270,084 Ella A. Boole 90,491 George Henry Payne 46,039

Republican state senator (47th District) George F. Thompson lost the primary to Miller, but ran on the Prohibition ticket, as did Temperance activist Ella A. Boole.

Democratic primaryEdit

1920 Democratic primary results
Governor Alfred E. Smith 166,028 (unopposed)
Lieutenant Governor George R. Fitts 157,114 (unopposed)
Secretary of State Harriet May Mills 154,339 (unopposed)
Comptroller Charles W. Berry 155,432 (unopposed)
Attorney General Frank H. Mott 154,763 (unopposed)
Treasurer John F. Healy 156,359 (unopposed)
State Engineer Paul McLoud 154,076 (unopposed)
Judge of the Court of Appeals Abram I. Elkus
Judge of the Court of Appeals Frederick E. Crane (unopposed)
U.S. Senator Harry C. Walker 109,995 George R. Lunn 44,226

All Prohibition and Socialist candidates were nominated unopposed in the primaries.


The whole Republican ticket was elected.

The incumbents Smith and Elkus were defeated. The incumbents Newton, Williams and Wadsworth were re-elected. Judges Chase and Crane moved from additional to regular seats on the Court of Appeals.

1920 state election results
Office Republican ticket Democratic ticket Socialist ticket Farmer-Labor ticket Prohibition ticket Socialist Labor ticket
Governor Nathan L. Miller 1,334,540 Alfred E. Smith 1,260,335 Joseph D. Cannon 171,907 Dudley Field Malone 68,477 George F. Thompson 35,509 John P. Quinn 5,015
Lieutenant Governor Jeremiah Wood 1,497,964 George R. Fitts 994,638 Jessie W. Hughan 187,567 Robert E. Haffey 44,485 Edward G. Dietrich 30,901 Jeremiah D. Crowley[2] 7,550
Secretary of State John J. Lyons 1,614,426 Harriet May Mills[3] 862,933 Charles W. Noonan[4] 199,073 William H. Auyer 32,293 Irene B. Taylor 33,531 May Phalor[5] 6,236
Comptroller James A. Wendell 1,524,527 Charles W. Berry 935,643 A. Philip Randolph 202,381 Helen Hamlin Fincke 29,955 William C. Gray 32,408 John E. DeLee 6,354
Attorney General Charles D. Newton 1,573,943 Frank H. Mott 881,070 Darwin J. Meserole 199,529 F. R. Serri 26,728 William H. Burr[6] 35,042 John Donahue[7] 8,915
Treasurer N. Monroe Marshall 1,566,989 John F. Healy[8] 901,611 Hattie F. Kreuger 200,836 Joseph E. Cronk 28,227 John McKee 30,095 John A. Withers 5,784
State Engineer Frank M. Williams 1,578,790 Paul McLoud 869,428 Vladimir Karapetoff 202,157 Charles C. Crawford 12,999 Arthur S. Light 29,578 (none)
Judge of the Court of Appeals Emory A. Chase 1,467,697 Abram I. Elkus 833,725 Leon A. Malkiel 218,299 Swinburne Hale 26,372 Coleridge A. Hart[9] 36,487 (none)
Judge of the Court of Appeals Frederick E. Crane 1,963,978 Frederick E. Crane 13,658 Jacob Axelrod 187,640 Thomas F. Dwyer 36,908 Francis E. Baldwin[10] 31,205 (none)
U.S. Senator James W. Wadsworth, Jr. 1,434,393 Harry C. Walker 901,310 Jacob Panken 208,155 Rose Schneiderman 27,934 Ella A. Boole 159,623 Harry Carlson 7,822


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