1816 New York gubernatorial election

The 1816 New York gubernatorial election was held in April 1816 to elect the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New York. Governor Tompkins had received the nomination of the Congressional Caucus for Vice President as James Monroe's running-mate. Senator King would receive the votes for President of those Federalist Electors chosen that fall.

New York gubernatorial election, 1816

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  DTompkins.png Rufus King - National Portrait Gallery.JPG
Nominee Daniel D. Tompkins Rufus King
Party Democratic-Republican Federalist
Running mate John Tayler George Tibbits
Popular vote 45,412 38,647
Percentage 54.0% 46.0%

Governor before election

Daniel D. Tompkins

Elected Governor

Daniel D. Tompkins


1816 General election results
Governor candidate Running Mate Party Popular Vote
Daniel D. Tompkins John Tayler Democratic-Republican 45,412 54.02%
Rufus King George Tibbits Federalist 38,647 45.98%

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