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The New Taipei City Hall (Chinese: 新北市政府行政大樓; pinyin: Xīnběi Shì Zhèngfǔ Xíngzhèng Dàlóu) is the venue of the government of New Taipei City of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The hall is located in Banqiao District.[2]

New Taipei City Hall
New Taipei City Hall 20131108.jpg
General information
LocationBanqiao, New Taipei, Taiwan
Construction startedMay 8, 1997[1]
CompletedJan 14, 2003[1]
Roof140.5 m[1]
Technical details
Floor count33[1]
Floor area159,128m2[1]



The building was constructed in 2002 as Taipei County Hall (Chinese: 台北縣政府大樓).

Technical specificationEdit

New Taipei City Hall floor list

The building is a 33-floor structure with a height of 140.5 meters.[citation needed]

There is a free observation floor for viewing on level 32[2] and a viewing restaurant on level 33.

Notable eventsEdit


The building is accessible within walking distance southeast from Banqiao Station of the Taipei Metro, Taiwan High Speed Rail and Taiwan Railway Administration.[citation needed]

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