New Senator Caldera

The New Senator Caldera is a large Archean caldera complex within the heart of the Blake River Megacaldera Complex, Quebec, Canada. It has a diameter of 15-30 kilometers and is made of thick massive mafic sequences. The caldera complex has inferred to be a subaqueous lava lake during the early stages of the caldera's development.[1] Gabbro sills represent lava lakes, which are common in mafic summit calderas. These subaqueous lava lakes are large units with a change in grain size from coarse to fine grained and a hyaloclastite top. The Kiwanis (Norands) intrusion, a high-level synvolcanic magma chamber, intrudes felsic rocks, and is in turn cross-cut by basaltic dikes and sills.

New Senator Caldera
Blake River Megacaldera Complex map.jpg
New Senator Caldera is highlighted cyan
LocationOntario-Quebec, Canada
RangeCanadian Shield

The Glenwood fault forms the eastern margin of the New Senator Caldera.

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