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The New Right (Hebrew: הימין החדש, HaYamin HeHadash) is a right-wing political party in Israel, established in December 2018 by justice minister Ayelet Shaked and education minister Naftali Bennett. The party aims to be open to both religious and secular people, though they tried —and failed— to appeal to Religious Zionists in a last-minute push.[6]

The New Right

הימין החדש
LeaderNaftali Bennett
Ayelet Shaked
Founded29 December 2018
Split fromThe Jewish Home
National conservatism
Economic liberalism[1]
Gavison-Medan Covenant[1][4]
One-state solution[5]
Religious Zionism[5]
Secular Zionism[5]
Political positionRight-wing[5]
0 / 120
Election symbol



The party was formed in December 2018, when Naftali Bennett, Ayelet Shaked, and Shuli Mualem left the Jewish Home,[7][5] using the registration of the former Tzalash party, since their former party, The Jewish Home, is a religious party.[8][9]

It was announced on 2 January 2019 that The Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick had joined the party.[10] Deaf rights activist Shirley Pinto joined the party on 8 January 2019;[11] Shaked stated that Pinto would be an "effective advocate for the rights of people with disabilities".[12]


The New Right party platform, as detailed by the party's website, is:[1][13]

Party leader Ayelet Shaked said the party would work to arrange religious and secular relations on the basis of mutual understanding and an updated version of the Gavison-Medan Covenant.[14]

2019 candidate listEdit

The party's candidate list for the April 2019 Knesset elections is as follows:[15]

  1. Naftali Bennett, Minister of Education, party founder, and former Chairman of The Jewish Home.
  2. Ayelet Shaked, Minister of Justice and party founder.
  3. Alona Barkat, Businesswoman and owner of the football team Hapoel Beer Sheva.
  4. Colonel (Res.) Matan Kahana, former F-16 Squadron Commander.
  5. Shuli Mualem, former Jewish Home MK.
  6. Caroline Glick, columnist and author.
  7. Elishaib (Shibi) Raichner, Makor Rishon journalist and social activist.
  8. Lt. Colonel (Res.) Uri Shechter, CEO of the Religious-Secular cooperation organisation "Tzohar".
  9. Amichai Shikli, founder of the Tavor Mechina.
  10. Shirley Pinto, deaf rights activist.
  11. Yom-Tov Calpon, founder of the "Alinu" movement which promotes Olim in politics.
  12. Ran Bar-Yushpat, former vice-CEO of the Kohelet Policy Forum.


Leader Took office Left office
  Naftali Bennett 2018 Incumbent

Knesset election resultsEdit

Election year Party Leader # of overall votes % of overall vote # of overall seats
+/- Gov?
April 2019 Naftali Bennett 138,598 3.22%
0 / 120
  3 N/A


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