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The New Haven Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the city of New Haven, Connecticut.[3] The New Haven Fire Department currently serves a population of over 130,000 people living in 19 square miles of land.

New Haven Fire Department
Operational area
Country United States
State Connecticut
CityNew Haven
Agency overview[1]
EstablishedJune 24, 1862 (1862-06-24)
Annual calls24,865 (2016)
Employees376 (2014)
Annual budget$30,976,412 (2014)
Fire chiefJohn Alston, jr.
Facilities and equipment[2]
Rescue boats1
Light and air1
Official website
IAFF website

EMS transport services are contracted by the city to American Medical Response which provides both BLS (EMT) and ALS (EMT-Paramedic) ambulances.

As of 2016 the NHFD has received an ISO Class 1 rating, making New Haven the third department in Connecticut (the other two being Hartford, CT and Milford, CT) with an ISO Class 1 rating and 1 of 60+/- departments in the country. James T. Mullen was fire commissioner for 13 years.[4]



Fire station locations and companiesEdit

The New Haven Fire Department currently operates out of 10 fire stations, located throughout the city. The Department is organized into 2 battalions: East and West. The NHFD operates 10 engine companies, 4 truck companies, 2 squad companies, and 2 paramedic emergency units. Each engine and truck company, as well as Squad 2, are staffed by an officer and 3 firefighters. Squad 1 is staffed by an officer and 4 firefighters. The Deputy Chief serves as the city wide tour commander.

As of January 2018 this is a listing of all stations and apparatus in front line service operated by the New Haven Fire Department.[2]

Station Engine Company Truck Company Squad Company Special Unit/Spare Unit Car Battalion Address Neighborhood
Central (Headquarters) Engine 4 Tower Ladder 1 Car 95(Fire Investigation Unit), Rehab. Unit 1, Marine 2 (Rescue Boat), Car 101 (Tows Rescue Boat), Engine 4A (Reserve), Tower Ladder 1A (Reserve), Car 32A (Reserve) Car 31(Chief Of Dept.), Car 32(Deputy Chief), Car 37(Fire Marshal), Car 38(Assistant Chief of Administration), Car 39(Assistant Chief of Operations), Fire Inspector Investigators (FM 1-9) East 952 Grand Ave. Downtown
Woodward Engine 5 (Foam Equipped Engine) Emergency Unit 1(Ambulance), Car 43(Foam Tender), Emergency Unit 1A (Spare) East 824 Woodward Ave. The Annex
Dixwell Engine 6 Truck 4 City’s Mobile Command Bus (NHFD / NHPD / Yale PD) Engine 6A (Spare), Truck 4A (Spare), Engine 4 (Benevolent Assoc Antique) West 125 Goffe St. Dixwell
Whitney Engine 8 Squad 1 Haz-Mat. 1, Car 49 (State Decon Support / Tow Vehicle), State Foam Trailer, Squad 1A (Spare), West 350 Whitney Ave. East Rock
West Battalion Headquarters Engine 9 Squad 2 Collapse Rescue Trailer, Engine 9A (Spare), Car 34A (Spare) Car 34(West Battalion Chief) West 120 Ellsworth Ave. Edgewood
East Battalion Headquarters Engine 10 Truck 3 Engine 10A (Spare), Truck 3A(Spare), Car 33A (Spare) Car 33(East Battalion Chief) East 412 Lombard St. Fair Haven
Hill Engine 11 Truck 2 Emergency Unit 2(Ambulance), Emergency 2A (Spare) West 525 Howard Ave. The Hill
Westville Engine 15 West 105 Fountain St. Westville
Lighthouse Engine 16 Car 48(Decon. Supply / Flood Evac Unit) East 510 Lighthouse Rd. Morris Cove, East Shore
East Grand Engine 17 Car 47(Brush Unit) East 73 E. Grand Ave. Fair Haven Heights
Long Wharf Marine Unit 1-Fireboat "Nathan Hale" East Long Wharf Pier New Haven Harbor
Fire Academy/Maintenance Facility Car 50(Air Cascade Unit) Car 36(Director of Training/Safety), EMS 5(EMS Supervisor), Car 81(Drillmaster), Car 82 & 83 (Asst Drillmaster), Car 51 (Supr of Appratus), Car 52 & 53 (Shop Mechanics), Car 54 (Supr of Building Maint), Car 55 & 56 (Building Maint) West 230 Ella T. Grasso Blvd. City Point

Disbanded fire companiesEdit

  • Engine 1 - 525 Howard Ave.
  • Engine 2 - 952 Grand Ave.
  • Engine 3 - 125 Goffe St. (Closed to form Tactical Unit 1)
  • Engine 7 - 412 Lombard St. (Closed to form Tactical Unit 2)
  • Engine 12 - 47 Crown St.
  • Engine 14 - 150 Highland St.
  • Truck 5 - 105 Fountain St.
  • Truck 6 - 350 Whitney Ave.
  • Tactical Unit 1 - 125 Goffe St.
  • Tactical Unit 2 - 412 Lombard St.
  • Car 35 (Second Battalion Chief) - 350 Whitney Ave. (relocated to 125 Goffe St in ‘86 before being decommissioned)

Engine 13 was never organized.

Volunteer fire companies

  • Deliverance Sack and Bucket Company No. 1[5]


In 2009 eighteen city firefighters, seventeen of whom were white and one of whom was Hispanic, brought suit against the department under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 after they had passed the test for promotions to management positions and the city declined to promote them.[6] New Haven officials invalidated the test results because none of the black firefighters scored high enough to be considered for the positions. City officials stated that they feared a lawsuit over the test's disproportionate exclusion of certain racial groups from promotion under the controversial "disparate impact" theory of liability.[7][8]


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