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New Covenant Christian School (Lansing, Michigan)

New Covenant Christian School (NCCS)[1] is a private Christian school located in Lansing, Michigan United States. Their address is 4415 W. St. Joseph Hwy. Lansing, MI 48917[2] The school was founded in 1984, and has currently about 100 co-ed Kindergarten through 12th grade students.

New Covenant Christian School
New Covenant back 4.JPG
Front of New Covenant building
4415 W. St. Joseph Hwy


United States
Coordinates42°43′34″N 84°36′42″W / 42.7260°N 84.6118°W / 42.7260; -84.6118Coordinates: 42°43′34″N 84°36′42″W / 42.7260°N 84.6118°W / 42.7260; -84.6118
TypePrivate Christian
Religious affiliation(s)Christianity
PrincipalFred McGlone
Staff~20 (including teachers)
Teaching staff12
Number of students~100
Color(s)Red, Black and White               
Athletics conferenceMichigan High School Athletic Association, Class D, Mid South Conference
Team nameWarriors



New Covenant provides classes like World and US history, basic math, algebra 1 and 2, geometry, advanced math, physical science, physics, biology, fine arts, and also many theological and Bible based classes.

Great Schools students' parent reviews gave New Covenant Christian School a 41/2 star rating.[3]

Annual eventsEdit

  • Talent show
  • "Valentines' Extravaganza" Each year the seniors do skits (sometimes with the help of younger students) and organize a silent auction.
  • Daddy Daughter Dance
  • Homecoming Celebration
  • Literature Festival: Each year the school classrooms are turned into a scene or theme of a book, in addition to other events.
  • Christmas party: On the last day, before break the students wrap the seniors in wrapping paper in a ritual known as, "Decorate a Senior.
  • "Operation Christmas Child" Each year the entire school comes together to fill shoe boxes with gifts and wrap them to send to the underprivileged children around the world.
  • "Service Day" Every year the students go somewhere to do service projects around Lansing Michigan. In 2009-2010, students went to the local Red Cross and "The Church of God". In 2010-2011, students went to the City of Mason and to the local Salvation Army. In 2011-2012, students went to the City of Mason, the local Salvation Army, and The Tabernacle Of David Church. In 2012-2013 students went to Moores Park (which is owned by the City of Lansing), and went to Shaw Haven Farm

School clubs, and school organizationsEdit

Worship team: On Wednesdays some students sing/play contemporary worship music in front of the school body.


New Covenant has a boys' varsity and middle school team as well as a girls' varsity basketball team. They also have boys' and girls' soccer team a girls' volleyball team. New Covenant used to have a cross country team until 2008. All of New Covenant's teams are in the MHSAA and class D or Division IV.[4] New Covenant does not currently have a rivalry with any school but, in the past, New Covenant has been rivals with Capital City Baptist, Holt Lutheran and Lansing Christian schools. For all of the basketball programs (boys and girls) will be temporarily leaving the Mid-South Conference due to recent bad seasons and to have a rebuilding period.

Varsity boys' basketballEdit

  • For the 2011–2012 season New Covenant went 6-13.[5] Their state ranking from maxpreps is 763.[6]
  • For the 2012–2013 season New Covenant went 8-10.
  • For the 2013–2014 season New Covenant went 1-9. Robin Mosley was the coach for his first year, with Isaac F. and Mike G. as captains for their first year.
  • For the 2014–2015 season there was no basketball team, except for the Alumni vs. Varsity homecoming game, where Dominic N. was acting captain.

Varsity girls' volleyballEdit

  • For the 2012 season New Covenant went 0-15.
  • For the 2013 season New Covenant went 0-13. Rachael Wood was the head coach in her 2nd year.

Varsity girls' basketballEdit

  • For the 2011–2012 season New Covenant went 2-8.
  • There was no team for the 2012–2013 year.
  • For the 2013–2014 season went 0-10, Rachael Wood was the head coach in her 4th year, Ariah L. and Christalyn L. were the captains for that year.

Middle school boys' basketballEdit

  • For the 2010–2011 season New Covenant went 7-10. Wayne Goff was head coach for that year.
  • For the 2011–2012 season New Covenant went 5-15. Robin Mosley was the head coach in his 1st year.
  • There was no team for the 2012–2013 or 2013–2014 year.

Varsity boys' soccerEdit

  • For the 2010 season, New Covenant went 6-7. Iain Belot was the coach for that year only.
  • For the 2011 season, New Covenant went 4-12.
  • For the 2012 season, New Covenant went 2-8-1.
  • For the 2013 season, New Covenant went 5-6-1. Joel Klepel was the head coach in his 3rd season. Jaden, David, and Jonathan were captains for that year.

As of August 2013 New Covenant hosts Morrice High School's soccer team, with also continuing to host for the nest two years.

Note: The standings shown are not completely recognized by the MHSAA because New Covenant played against teams that are not part of that Association

Varsity boys' baseballEdit

New Covenant was hosted by Lansing Christian for the 2012 year. The coach was Roy Castlebuono finishing his 4th year and Robert Gast started the 2013 season. For the 2012 season Lansing Christian/NCCS went 3-11-1.


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