Nerežišća (Croatian pronunciation: [něreʒiːʃt͡ɕa]) is a village on the island Brač in Croatia. It has a population of 862 (2011 census). Of these, 98% are Croats.[1]

Chapel with bonsai in the centre of the town
Nerežišća is located in Croatia
Location of Nerežišća in Croatia

In the past, Nerežišća was the capital of the island.[2] It was founded inside the island, not on its coast, because of fear of pirates marauding the Adriatic Sea. Once these pirates were eradicated by the Venetians, the locals started populating the settlements by the sea, especially Supetar and Sutivan, across the Brač Straits facing Split.


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Coordinates: 43°20′N 16°35′E / 43.333°N 16.583°E / 43.333; 16.583