Nepal Electricity Authority

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), founded on 16 August 1985, is the parent generator and distributor of electric power under the supervision of the government of Nepal.[2]

Nepal Electricity Authority
नेपाल विद्युत प्राधिकरण
Formation16 August 1985; 36 years ago (1985-08-16)
TypeGovernmental Corporation
PurposeElectricity Generation, Distribution
Secretary General
Kulman Ghising (Managing Director)[1]
Main organ
Board of Directors
Parent organization
Ministry of Energy, Government of Nepal
Formerly called
Nepal Electricity Corporation

NEA owns Hydroelectric Plants connected to the grid amounting to 480 Megawatts. It also buys power from Independent Power Producers (IPP) amounting to 230 Megawatts. It operates two fuel operated plants generating 53 Megawatts of Electricity. The total capacity of the Integrated Nepal Power System (INPS) which NEA operates stands at 1095 Megawatts.[3] Various projects are underway to help meet the electricity demand but these have been plagued by delays.[4][5] However after many such delays Nepal has seen a positive change in electricity production and distribution. For the first time, NEA was in profit. Loadshedding was ended under the leadership of Kul Man Ghising.

Total Sales of Electricity (GWh) 4,764.678 2017 Total Available Electric Energy (GWh) 6,257.73 2017

Total Sales of Electricity Total Available Year
4,764.678 GWh 6,257.73 GWh 2017
5,560.24 GWh 2018
Hydropower Station Capacity (MW) Project Owner
Kali Gandaki A, Syangja 144 Nepal Electricity Authority
Middle Marshyangdi Hydropower Station, Lamjung 70 Nepal Electricity Authority
Marshyangdi Hydropower Station, Tanahun 69 Nepal Electricity Authority
Kulekhani I Hydropower Plant, Makawanpur 60 Nepal Electricity Authority
Kulekhani II Hydropower Plant, Makawanpur 32 Nepal Electricity Authority
Chameliya Hydropower Plant, Darchula 30 Nepal Electricity Authority
Trishuli Hydropower Station, Nuwakot 24 Nepal Electricity Authority
Gandak Hydropower Plant, Nawalparasi 15 Nepal Electricity Authority
ModiKhola Hydropower Station, Parbat 14.8 Nepal Electricity Authority
Devighat Hydropower Plant, Nuwakot 14.1 Nepal Electricity Authority
Sunkoshi Hydropower Station, Sindhupalchok 10.05 Nepal Electricity Authority
PuwaKhola Hydropower Station, Ilam 6.2 Nepal Electricity Authority
Chatara Hydropower Station, Sunsari 3.2 Nepal Electricity Authority
Panauti Hydropower Station, Kavre 2.4 Nepal Electricity Authority
Seti Hydropower Station, Pokhara 1.5 Nepal Electricity Authority
Fewa Hydropower Station, Pokhara 1 Nepal Electricity Authority
Sundarijal Hydropower Plant, Sundarijal 0.97 Nepal Electricity Authority
Upper Trishuli 3 'A' 60 Nepal Electricity Authority

Power trade departmentEdit

Independent power producers (operational)Edit

Operational hydro power projects of independent power producers (greater than 10 MW), total capacity 302.866 MW:

S.N. Company Project Name Location Capacity (MW)
1 Himal Power Ltd. Khimti Khola Dolkha 60
2 Bhotekoshi Power Company Ltd. Bhotekoshi Khola Sindhupalchowk 45
3 Chilime Hydro Power Company Ltd. Chilime Rasuwa 22
4 Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited Mai Khola Ilam 22
5 Sikles Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. Madkyu Khola Kaski 13
6 Butwal Power Company Ltd. Jhimruk Khola Pyuthan 12
7 Mount Kailash Energy Pvt. Ltd. Thapa Khola Myagdi 11.2
8 United Modi Hydropwer Pvt. Ltd. Lower Modi I Parbat 10

Data from NEA as of Jan 14, 2016[6]

Independent power producers (under construction)Edit

Hydropower projects of independent power producers (under construction and greater than 10 MW), total capacity 1,617 MW:

S.N. Developers Project Name Location Capacity (MW)
1 Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Ltd. Upper Tamakoshi Dolkha 456
2 Green Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Likhu-IV Ramechhap 54
3 Chilime Hydro Power Company Ltd. Rasuwagadhi Rasuwa 111
4 Middle Bhotekoshi Jalbidhyut Company Ltd. Middle Bhotekoshi Sindhupalchowk 102
5 Essel-Clean Solu Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. Lower Solu Solukhumbu 82
6 Sinohydro-Sagarmatha Power Company (P) Ltd. Upper Marsyangdi A Lamjung 50
7 Sanjen Hydropower Company Limited Sanjen Rasuwa 42.5
8 Robust Energy Pvt. Ltd. Mistri Khola Myagdi 42
9 Sasa Engingeering Hydropower (P). Ltd. Khani Khola(Dolakha) Dolakha 30
10 Himalayan Power Partner Pvt. Ltd. Dordi Khola Lamjung 27
11 Madi Power Pvt. Ltd. Upper Madi Kaski 25
12 Greenlife Energy Pvt. Ltd. Khani khola-1 Dolakha 25
13 Arun Kabeli Power Ltd. Kabeli B-1 Taplejung, Panchthar 25
14 Consortium Power Developers Pvt. Ltd. Khare Khola Dolakha 24.1
15 Upper Solu Hydroelectric Company Pvt. Ltd Solu Khola Solukhumbu 23.5
16 Liberty Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. Upper Dordi A Lamjung 22
17 Mountain Hydro Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Tallo Hewa Khola Panchthar 21.6
18 Manang Trade Link Pvt. Ltd. Lower Modi Parbat 20
19 Mandu Hydropower Company Pvt.Ltd Bagmati Khola Makawanpur 20
20 Singati Hydro Energy Pvt. Ltd. Singati Khola Dolakha 16
21 Middle Modi Hydropower Ltd. Middle Modi Parbat 15.1
22 Panchthar Power Company Pvt. Ltd. Hewa Khola A Panchthar 14.9
23 Sanjen Hydropower Co.Limited Upper Sanjen Rasuwa 14.8
24 Betrawoti Hydropower Company (P).Ltd Phalankhu Khola Rasuwa 13.7
25 Himalayan Urja Bikas Co. Pvt. Ltd. Upper Khimti Ramechhap 12
26 Himalayan Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. Namarjun Madi Kaski 11.8
27 Moonlight Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. Balephi A Sindhupalchowk 10.6
28 Dordi Khola Jal Bidyut Company Ltd. Dordi-1 Khola Lamjung 10.3

Data from NEA as of Jan 14, 2016[7]

Hydropower projectsEdit

Hydropower projects greater than 10 MW, total capacity 750 MW:

S.N. Company Project Location Capacity (MW)
1 Hydro Venture Private Limited Solu Khola (Dudh- koshi) Solukhumbu 86
2 Paan Himalaya Energy Private Limited Likhu-1 Solukhumbu/Ramechap 51.4
3 Balephi Jalbidhyut Co. Ltd. Balephi Sindhupalchowk 50
4 Peoples' Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd. Super Dordi 'Kha' Lamjung 49.6
5 Peoples Hydro Co-operative Ltd. Khimti-2 Dolakha and Ramechhap 48.8
6 Sanigad Hydro Pvt. Ltd. Upper Kalangagad Bajhang 38.46
7 Kabeli Energy Limited Kabeli-A Panchthar and Taplejung 37.6
8 Huaning Development Pvt. Ltd. Upper Balephi A Sindhupalchowk 36
9 Global Hydropower Associate Pvt. Ltd. Likhu-2 Solukhumbu/Ramechap 33.4
10 Nyadi Hydropower Limited Nyadi Lamjung 30
11 Dhaulagiri Kalika Hydro Pvt. Ltd. Darbang-Myagdi Myagdi 25
12 Numbur Himalaya HP Pvt. Ltd. Likhu Khola A Solukhumbu/Ramechap 24.2
13 Shiva Shree Hydropower (P.) Ltd. Upper Chaku A Sindhupalchowk 22.2
14 Hydro Empire Pvt. Ltd. Upper Myagdi Myagdi 30
15 Kalanga Hydro Pvt. Ltd. Kalangagad Bajhang 15.33
16 Maya Khola Hydropower Co. Pvt. Ltd. Maya Khola Sankhuwasabha 14.9
17 Molnia Power Ltd. Upper Mailun Rasuwa 14.3
18 Suryakunda Hydroelectric Pvt. Ltd. Upper Tadi Nuwakot 11
19 Sanigad Hydro Pvt. Ltd. Upper Sanigad Bajhang 10.7
20 Diamond Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. Upper Daraudi-1 Gorkha 10
21 Makari Gad Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. Makarigad Darchula 20
22 Multi Energy Development Pvt. Ltd. Langtang Khola Rasuwa 20

Solar Power StationsEdit

S.N. Company Project Name Location Capacity (MW)
1 Nepal Electricity Authority Nuwakot Solar Power Station Bidur, Nuwakot 25
2 Nepal Electricity Authority Singhadurbar Solar Project Singhadurbar, Kathmandu 1.3

Diesel Power StationsEdit

Name Capacity (MW) Commissioned Location Owner Refs
Duhabi Multifuel 39 1997 sunsari
Hetauda 14.41 2012 Makwanpur [8]

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